Lonehill Estate – Lonehill Estate : Great album and a bargain at the Nokia store

Posted on June 6, 2012

I’m rather enjoying Lonehill Estate’s new self titled album.  Having heard a few tracks on the radio (Technoband, Daans and now Look Good) and been pleasantly surprised to find out it was our local boys I decided to pick up the album. This morning at the local mall I had a look around and neither CNA nor Checkers had a copy (though I did get the Parlotones Journey Through Shadows from Checkers).

On Twitter @lonehillestate themselves suggested I get it from @Look&ListenSA. This evening I checked out the online store and found the Album for R100, which wasn’t too bad. I always fill a little reticent paying close to physical prices for downloads so was going to give it a skip when I thought to check out the Nokia Ovi store. Delight. The full album (here) for R60. Bargain. Sold!  I am now happily listening to the album.

Always worth shopping around, even online. Worth noting that their previous EP, Phone Home, is R100 on Nokia and only half the price at Look and Listen online. So Nokia isn’t always the cheapest, though generally I find them to be so.


lonehill estate

Click through for the album track listing

1.Daans! 3:12
2.Technoband 2:48
3.The Green Pocket 4:10
4.Look Good 4:06
5.Penny 2:43
6.Binocularhead 3:16
7.Sugar Honey Smax 2:58
8.Gangstar 2:32
9.Death in the Symphony 2:50
10.Roundhouse Kick To The Face 3:15
11.Machine 3:29
12.Zombie Apocalypse 2:10
13.Daans! (Talk Dirty Remix)

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