Does the Drifta require an internet connection?

Posted on September 9, 2011

The Android version of the Drifta requires an internet connection. It checks back with the server that the software is being run on an authorised device.

If you have no signal then you won’t be able to load it, but once it’s loaded you don’t have to maintain an internet connection. If it crashes and you need to reload it, you need to disconnect from the Drifta (wifi) and reconnect to the internet so it can authenticate then start the process over again. It does not use the internet connection for any of the video feeds.

The PC version doesn’t require internet, but if you have a connection it will check back with the server (sending your personally identifiable decoder details) to the server to see if you have elected to take part in their programme monitoring. If you have made this election it will then send details back to the server on what you are watching. Again, no actual video feed is sent via the Internet.  It will also check with the server to see if a new version of the software is available and then “encourage” you to update.


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