How do I get the picture larger?

Posted on March 3, 2011

The latest version 1.3 of the client software doesn’t yet have a patch available. When one comes out I will link it here.

NB If you have Windows 7 there is an easy solution, just press Windows key and + to zoom in and Windows key and – to zoom out. No special software needed. Took me a while to figure this out after messing around with all this other software. Duh.

For other users, try and use something like ZoomIt (link here) or QZOOM (link here). I prefer ZoomIt but try a couple of options and see what works for you.

Not the most elegant solution but it works. Dennis suggests using QZOOM as follows :

” Just install it, double click on the icon at bottom right of taskbar to see instructions. It will fill your Screen! I’m using XP and if you hold “Windows” Key + Alt + ‘ your desktop will “zoom in”. Then position over the DRIFTA window. Note: Leave the DRIFTA window at it’s SMALLEST size before using QZoom to prevent flickering. It work quite well. ”

If you still have the original 1.1 client software then an unofficial, unsupported, use at your own risk patch is available which lets you resize the picture to whatever shape and size you like. You can get this patch here

DSTV keep blocking out the links to the patches, Dennis has kindly mirrored it here :

This does not improve the resolution of the picture, just lets you make it bigger (and more blocky).

Release notes from the patch :

DStv Mobile 1.1.0Video Window Resize PatchBy Moe1


This will only work for DStv Mobile v1.1.0 decoder for Windows.

Install Instructions: Copy Decoder.exe to C:program filesDStv Mobile Decoder overwriting the existing file. You might want to backup your original file first, in case you want to revert back to the original.

Wasted Text:

Alot of people have been moaning about the fact that they limited to the video size they can resize the DStv Mobilewindows decoder screen. Well here is a quick patch to break out of that limit I won’t recommend resizing to a very large screen, the resolution gets pretty crappy! (Hence the reason for the limit)

There is also a second patch available here :

Apparently this patch is a little different to the first on listed above :

  • it maintains the aspect ratio
  • keeps the channel and volume buttons below the windows functional
  • doesn’t interfere with the programme guide
  • it doesn’t however let you make the picture “widescreen” on widescreen monitors and laptops

I am not using this patch currently. Anyone care to add some more about it?

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