What are the monthly costs?

Posted on March 3, 2011

For the DVB-H broadcast option (this is what the Drifta uses), just the monthly subscription of R36. No data charges or any other charges. R5 optional extra insurance if you want it. (More info to be added on pricing in other African countries)

For streaming via Vodacom Live! it costs R59/month (or R19/week) and you get to watch up to 3 hours of programming (45m weekly). Anything over that is considered outside of the acceptable useage policy. You do NOT pay for the data using this service, it’s included in your subscription.

The Nokia N8 (streaming service) will cost you a whole lot more depending on useage as it is a streaming service. You will have to pay your per MB  fees to your network cellular provider. Be careful of this, you could rack up high bills quickly.

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