What devices are supported by the Drifta?

Posted on March 3, 2011

Currently :

  • iDevices (iPod touch, iPad, iPhone) (Download the “dstv mobile decoder” app from the Apple Appstore)
  • Windows based computers (Get the software from www.dstvmobile.com)

Rumoured :

  • Android devices (promised support by 1 April)
  • Blackberry (promised support by 1 April – now appears delayed to 31 May – Now June sometime? Nope, maybe July)
  • Nokia/Symbian (promised support by 1 April)
  • Windows mobile / 7 (unclear)

There is no clear feedback or timelines on the above. We are just a few days away from the promised release date and DSTV seem to be hedging their bets and pushing out the dates. The DTSV FAQ lists the above as being “Early 2011”.

All deadlines have been missed, people are ignored on the DSTV forums when asked, misinformed by call centre staff when they ask, and told “We never said that” when reminding DSTV of the April date.

Don’t expect the software to appear on any new devices anytime soon. Seems DSTV bit off more than they could chew with this and aren’t prepared to make it right with their customers whom they misled.

Slight update from a 13th June posting on the mybroadband.co.za forum (link here) : (slightly edited)

  • There is an Android client in the works (no timeline yet)
  • There is a blackberry client in the works ( no time line yet)
  • There is a Nokia S60 version in the works (sooner than the other 2, but will only be ready when the coding is done). This version will utilize the Drifta with wifi support but the CPU needs to be above 700mhz.

The Nokia E71 runs at 381Mhz, the N95 at 330Mhz, the E72 runs at 600Mhz, N97 runs at 434Mhz. So, if the statement above is true, then only Nokia S60 phones released in late 2010/2011 like the N8 and E7 (only 680Mhz) may well work with the Drifta. So don’t hold out much hope then. This also makes me worry about which Blackberry Devices will be compatible with the Drifta. I wish they would just come out and say what is planned. The waiting sucks when after the wait you still probably won’t be able to use the device.

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