What do the status lights on the Drifta mean?

Posted on May 5, 2011

There are 3 lights, from top to bottom:

Battery indicator

  • Steady green = battery full (will show only when plugged into USB or charger)
  • Steady red = battery recharging (will show only when plugged into USB or charger)
  • Flashing green = 70-100% charged
  • Flashing orange = 30-70% charged
  • Flashing red = 0-30% charged

Signal strength

  • Fast flashing green – Drifta has been switched on. (It takes about 20 seconds to boot up).
  • Slow flashing green – Drifta is searching for DVB-H signal.
  • Steady green – DVB-H signal searching complete and ready to connect to a device.
  • Steady orange – Drifta failed to lock onto a signal. Try moving the device or extending the aerial.
  • Steady red – Error state – reset the device (use a pin with the pin-hole reset button)


  • Off – device  is connected to a PC via USB
  • Steady green  – device is ready to transmit data to a pairing device over Wi-Fi.
  • Slow flashing green – device is sending data to a paired device over the Wi-Fi network

The PDF user manual is here.

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