Voter registration and simple time saving technology

Posted on February 05, 2011

I woke up this morning to see a whole lot of chatter on twitter around voter registration. With the work I am currently doing at the National Parliament and all the recent unrest in Egypt my sense of duty to my country has been heightened so I felt I really should be registering or checking that I am registered. Darn. Another thing to do in an already busy day.

Then I saw another tweet. Hoosen Essack to the rescue via Mandy Wiener.

” RT @Hoosen_Essack: @MandyWiener SmS 32810 with ID num works brilliantly.”

I sent my SMS off to 32810. A few seconds later the confirmation came back. I am registered. Great. Thanks guys and to whoever sets up and runs the service. Brilliant use of simple technology saving people lots of time.

Now to get my daughter to register. If she gets out of bed today :)

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