Facilitated CISA Study Session 12/5/2015 : Chapter 5 Part 1 to be broadcast via Google Hangouts

On 12 May we are discussing Chapter 5 of the study material. We will go through a general overview of the Chapter and then be discussing specific challenges participants may have and also questions from any of the sources that they may have got wrong or are having difficulty understanding.

Raniel is going to lead this session provided he has recovered from his illness. If so he will give his insights into Chapters 4 and 5.

If there are specific questions you might have, please email them through (preferably as a word document or similar) so we can discuss them.  If we don’t get to them all in the session they can be carried forward to the following week or even an additional special sitting considered.

The sessions from the last few weeks have been reasonably successfully broadcast and recorded on Google Hangouts On Air so we will try to do the same for this afternoon’s session.  If there is something we can improve ahead of the next session please let us know.

Link to the Google Hangout event

Link to Youtube live broadcast



Slides will be made available after the session.

ITSec CISA Prep June 2015 session 11 12th May 2015 Chapter 5 pt1

CISA Presentation raniel ch4 ch5


For those who missed the last two sessions, they are available on Youtube as follows:

CISA Special Q&A Session (Session 9) public

CISA Chapter 4 Part 2 (Session 10) public


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