Main Security Challenges with Convergence of IT & OT ISC2 SecureJohannesburg

Posted on October 10, 2015

I had the privilege of presenting at the (ISC)2 SecureJohannesburg event last week on “The Main Security challenges with the convergence of IT & OT”.

The Abstract for the presentation was :

“In critical infrastructure shared across public and private sector organisations, we have seen an increase in interconnections between operational technology (e.g. SCADA, ICS etc.) and information technology.
Previously air-gapped systems which control key processes with potential loss of life consequences when compromised, are now exposed to the organisation’s internal networks and sometimes even the public internet. Most of these systems are managed entirely differently than typical IT assets, and by a distinctly different organisation.
The two top priorities in OT are up-time and safety, making things such as patching and even monitoring much more complicated than in IT. Currently, as with so many matters related to information security, the operational technology security conundrum is too often dismissed as a technical challenge.
This presentation will zoom in on the main organisational and often political challenges that will need to be overcome prior to successfully addressing the technical and process changes required for combining IT and OT in a more unified approach to cyber security.”

Below is the PDF of the presentation. Questions and discussion welcome as always.


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