New location for Nespresso in Durban (updated with pics)

Posted on March 3, 2013

I received an SMS from Nespresso the other day to say they are currently located at 254 Lilian Ngoyi Road (formerly Windermere road). Their new phone number is 031-303 3374.

Having struggled in the past to find them, and the fact the address and number is not listed on nor does it come up on a Google search, this may be useful to some of you looking for them.

Update : So as you drive up Windermere road, their shop is a converted house on the right hand side, you can see the palms outside. As you get closer you can see the sign on the road facing part of the building to the left of the palms. At this point you want to be slowing down already as they have off-street parking. and it is easy to miss. The parking is right up against the building, and the solid island does stop so you can turn right into the parking. The security guard will have to open the boom for you.

While you are here, if you are interested in some other Nespresso compatible pods (depending on your machine) take a look at this post.




Nespresso Shop nes2 nes3



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19 Responses

  1. Ash:

    pls send me a price list for the all types of coffee pods

    12.03.2014 11:07 Reply

  2. Ntsikelelo Pefile:

    Thanks Justin. Life saver!!!

    25.11.2013 11:01 Reply

  3. Sharon:

    Thanks for directions, always get lost with the new street names. going in tomorrow to do a bit of Xmas shopping.

    08.11.2013 17:44 Reply

  4. Taylor:

    Thank you Justin!

    25.06.2013 13:42 Reply

  5. Veemal:

    Hi Justin,

    Well eventually took the plunge and bought myself the Lattissima and had my first cuppa off Latte.

    Well question needs to be asked, will you stick with the Nespresso pods or Other brands.

    22.06.2013 19:08 Reply

    • Justin:

      Hi Veemal

      Congrats on your purchase, I’m sure it will bring you much pleasure.

      I have tried a number of the compatible pods and technically they work just fine. The coffee tastes ok too. I have tried the Vida e ones, the caffelux (from Checkers) and some from a coffee farm near Margate. I do seem to keep coming back to the Nespresso ones though. They seem creamier and richer in flavor. Could just be psychological but seems that way.

      Have you tried the new vanilla, caramel or chocolate flavored Nespresso pods?

      Picked some up today but haven’t tried them out yet.


      22.06.2013 19:56 Reply

      • Veemal:

        Well that the plan tomorrow, got a R600 Gift Voucher with the Purchase, so off to Santdon City to go gaga and get all off it if me can. And register me machine, which at the moment seem to be a mystery to do online.

        Also had my second cuppa, a nice Lungo, after setting my machine for my humungous cups i have. Was good i prefer the Indriya and Ristretto, but will get a mix of it all.

        22.06.2013 20:27 Reply

        • Justin:

          Please do share your thoughts on the rest of the flavours as you try them. The box set with the display case and a whole box full of capsules is also a good deal and a nice way to show your guests the different options. Worth doing if you don’t already have a case, although can seem a bit pricey. The coffee does seem to keep for a long time :)

          23.06.2013 14:22 Reply

    • Graham:

      Hi Justin can you please send me a price list of what the machines start from.

      20.09.2013 06:55 Reply

      • Justin:

        Hellow Graham
        I don’t have a price list handy. The original nespresso machines vary from about R1800 to R5500 depending on the features. The generics tend to be more basic and go for around R1000 though I have seen them as low as R700

        Take a look on the nespresso South Africa website to see what they have to offer and if you don’t need the milk frothing and other features then look at your local Checkers for a generic.


        24.09.2013 11:40 Reply

  6. Michele Wilson:

    Thank you for the directions to the shop I a
    m dying to replenish my decaf pods!!

    14.06.2013 21:06 Reply

    • Justin:

      Only a pleasure, need to get back down there myself sometime soon to try some of those flavoured coffees. Not sure whether they will make a pleasant change from the more traditional ones or whether are more gimicky. :)

      15.06.2013 10:50 Reply

  7. Carin:

    Thank you so much for the information, we bought the Nespresso Machine and could not find the pods, and couldn’t get hold of the Springfield boutique. We will make our way to Windermere road!

    06.04.2013 15:25 Reply

    • Justin:

      Pleasure, the Springfield one is closed I think.

      06.04.2013 16:53 Reply

  8. Dennis:

    Do you know roughly how much the nespresso capsules cost?

    Best regards


    03.01.2013 12:16 Reply

    • Justin:

      Hi Dennis
      The genuine ones are around R5 to R6.5 and the alternates are as low as R4

      03.01.2013 13:22 Reply

  9. The Nespresso experience |

    […] Update : They have moved again. Current address : 254 Lilian Ngoyi Road (Formerly Windermere Road). Phone : 031 303 3374 (link here) […]

    22.07.2012 21:40 Reply

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