Writing CISA? Save cash by becoming an ISACA member

Over the years I have liaised with many people writing the CISA exam. This can be quite a costly exercise. Many people don’t realise that they can save (a little) cash by becoming an ISACA member before they register for the exam, buy the study guide and Q&A database.

I put together a comparison of the options, as shown below, using South Africa as the example country. Country dues vary from country to country so the saving (or not) needs to be recalculated for your country if you aren’t living in South Africa.  These country membership dues can be found here : http://www.isaca.org/membership/join-isaca/pages/professionals.aspx

what does cisa cost


Hope this helps you in your registration process, saves you some money, and gains ISACA a membership. Don’t forget that with the membership comes a whole host of benefits, including access to your local chapter, research materials, the ISACA magazine,  discounts on ISACA material such as COBIT 5 and access to an on-line library.


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