Traffic twitterers and pig spotters

Posted on May 07, 2011

There are quite a number of different twitter accounts which can help you keep up to speed with what is happening on the roads around the country. Following a collection of these accounts really can make your life a whole lot more comfortable and relieve a lot of frustrations.

I have created a page listing my favourites. Since I am based in KZN most of the ones listed are from that region. Please feel free to leave more in the comments and I will add them to the list to keep it up to date regularly. For your convenience you can find a combined twitter list here :!/jjza/traffic

The full list is here :


Am I registered to Vote on the 18th May

Posted on May 06, 2011

Update : The local elections are now tomorrow, time to go and make your choice count and stand up for what you believe in. A spoilt vote is no vote at all, it is better to vote for the best of a bad bunch than to make no vote at all. Even if you think you aren’t registered to vote, use one of the methods below to check. If you have ever voted you are likely to be on the voters’ roll and can cast your vote. Each of our votes count, use it.

Original post :

With the Elections almost upon us (just 12 days away) it is useful to confirm the registration status and where exactly that voting station is.

In a previous post I had mentioned an SMS number you could send your ID number to that would tell you your registration status. There are also other ways to do this.

There are three ways to do this :

Once you have those details you can use the interactive voting station finder to see where you need to go on the day. Don’t forget you need a valid green ID book to vote, if you don’t have one get to Home Affairs asap to see if something can be done to help you.

Thanks to the IEC for making it all so easy and for using the technology available.


voting station finder

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