Some interesting site and Google advert revenue statistics

Posted on November 26, 2011

For those that may be interested :

  • has had over 63 000 page views since May 2011
  • September 2011 was the most viewed month with over 19 000 views
  • Google adverts have been served since May
  • A total of R1250 has been earned in advertising revenue in that time
  • A click on an advert can earn anything from 60c up to R10, with an average of around R3
  • A page with a thousand views (and no clicks) can earn about 8c  (at times can be zero)
  • My average click through rate is around 0.9%

So thanks to those of you who do click on the adverts, they don’t make millions but do help to pay for the hosting and domain costs to keep the site running.

Updates to the “Unofficial DStv Drifta FAQ”

Posted on November 26, 2011

There has been quite a bit of Drifta related news over the last while so I have added more questions and updated sections of the FAQ. The main changes have been :

  • Blackberry availability
  • Mac OS X availability
  • Updates to Android compatibility list
  • Walka handheld TV
The FAQ is here :

DStv mobile streaming solution for MTN users (better than previous Vodacom one)

Posted on November 16, 2011

Yesterday  I received a press release from DStv Mobile about a new partnership with MTN to launch a 3G streaming Mobile TV Service. At first I wasn’t very excited about this, they have a similar product with Vodacom, which at first sounded interesting but was hamstrung by a ridiculous acceptable usage agreement which restricts you to 45 minutes per week (180 per month). That doesn’t even get you through a single T20 game, and hardly through two rugby matches. Crazy indeed.

On receiving the press release I immediately fired off a mail to Maiyo checking what the acceptable use of the new solution was. If it was the same (or similar) to the Vodacom one I wasn’t going to bother posting about it as it wouldn’t in my opinion be worth the subscription.

I am very happy to say that the response is a very positive one, no bandwidth / usage restrictions. You will use your own bandwidth to browse to the MTN Play website and get the video stream running, but you won’t pay for or be restricted in usage of the video stream itself. What a different that makes. For those who don’t want to buy a DStv Drifta, or have the hassle of carrying a second device (or don’t have client software available for their device) this is a really viable alternate. Well done to MTN and DStv mobile for improving significantly on the Vodacom offering.

I haven’t tested the service so can’t tell you how well it works, but based on the information provided it does look good. The FAQ on the DStv web site (link here) claims the service will work on most 2.5G or 3G cell phones (however it doesn’t work on the iPhone or a device only using the Opera Mini web browser). Still, that includes more devices than it excludes.

Press release below :

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Temporary mobile internet access in Spain (Valencia)

Posted on November 10, 2011

Getting access to the Internet when travelling can sometimes be easy ( when the hotels provide free wifi) and other times prove to be tricky and expensive, especially when using roaming access from your cell phone.

Ahead of the current trip to Valencia, Spain I did some research and found a few options for prepaid 3G access. All the cell providers had options, including Vodafone and Yoigo.

In practice life was not so easy, the language barrier and shop assistants who were not into playing charades left me without access after going into numerous shops.

Finally I came across some websites who suggested Carrefour. I headed across to the closest one (near the city of arts and sciences) found a slightly more helpful assistant and picked up a Carrefour Movil prepaid Internet sim for 5 euros. They accepted my South African drivers license as ID since my passport was at the hotel. The SIM has no credit preloaded, so I loaded on another 10 euro. This gives 100 meg of data a day for 1 euro a day, and uncapped 128k speeds after the 100 meg.

At first the SIM didn’t work, but after manually creating an APN with “carrefourinternet” as the APN and all worked great. Mobile hotspot on Android 2.2 meant access could be shared between the iPad Laptop and other mobile devices. 100 meg gets used up quickly but the uncapped 128k works well enough and we are getting through about 250meg a day. For 1 euro that’s a bargain and much better value than the 20 euro a day fee at the hotel (only HTTP browsing is free).

Whenever travelling, try get a local prepaid SIM, you will certainly save yourself a packet.

DStv Mobile Channels adjusted, premium package added

Posted on November 08, 2011

I was sent a press release from DStv mobile today around some changes to their channels and packages. They have split the channels into three packages:

  • Free : E! Entertainment, Channel O, SuperSport Blitz, The eNews Channel, CNNi
  • R36/Month : SuperSport 1,2,3,4, AfricaMagic, M-Net Series, SONYMax, Cartoon Network, Discovery
  • Premium : M-Net Mobile (Available only to DStv Premium subscribers at no subscription cost)

So the net effect is that Discovery has been added for all existing (R36/month) subscribers, and if you are a DStv Premium (R600+/month) subscriber you can now also have the new M-Net Mobile on your Drifta for free.

The M-Net mobile should be almost the same as the M-Net channel (except there will be no movies?), and will be available from 2pm to around 10:30pm each day.

There is no indication of whether M-Net Mobile will be available to non-premium subscribers for an extra fee at some stage.

The full press release is included below :

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A new addition to the DStv Mobile lineup – the Walka Handheld TV

Posted on November 06, 2011

Press release as received from DStv Mobile, I have not seen the device in person nor do I have any details other than what is below. It does however sound like a good product for those who don’t have a supported device. Sports lovers can rejoice with this nifty new device if it provides a decent picture (3.5″ is a bit small, but given the transmission resolution this should be ok) and has reasonable battery life. If anyone gets some hands on time with one, please send through your thoughts. This device could be great for those wanting a hassle free experience. 

DStv Mobile unveils the Walka Handheld TV

Another innovative product is about to be released by DStv Mobile. The Walka Handheld TV is a slim, lightweight device with a 3.5” viewing screen providing digital visual and audio quality. Its introduction gives DStv Mobile subscribers even more ways to access mobile TV on the go, anywhere, anytime.

“We are proud to introduce South Africans to the Walka device which is designed to further enrich the mobile TV viewing experience” explains Mark Rayner General Manager DStv Mobile, “It’s a must have, mobile TV viewing can begin the moment you switch it on.”

Previously released devices; the Drifta and the Drifta USB; give access to mobile TV across a wide range of devices such as PCs, laptops, tablets and smartphones. This is done through pairing the viewing device with the Drifta or connecting the Drifta USB. The Walka is a portable TV with no other devices required to view.

After activating the Walka through the MultiChoice call centre it connects to the DStv Mobile DVB-H broadcast signal, giving access to 16 great DStv channels in the genres of sport, music, news, cartoons and general entertainment. The content line-up includes the two brand new channels that were recently added; magical channel M-Net Mobile and the informative Discovery channel.

The same great channels are available across all DStv Mobile capable devices for the same subscription of R36 per month. DStv Premium subscribers pay no subscription to access DStv Mobile.

“Our research has shown that there is interest in a dedicated mobile TV viewing device to ease accessibility and improve usability of the mobile TV service. We anticipate that the Walka will be well received by the market and hope our subscribers find it as another useful way to stay in touch with DStv channels.” said Rayner.

The Walka will be the third device (after the Drifta and the Drifta USB) to be released by DStv Mobile since commercial launch in November 2010.  The device will be available at MultiChoice centres and select retail outlets from 1 December 2011 at the recommended retail price of R649.

DStv Mobile coverage is available in the 9 major cities of South Africa. For network coverage, and further information

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DStv Mobile

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