Posted on April 4, 2010

I’m Justin Williams. Currently single, proud father of two children. I’m an IT assurance and advisory consultant, specialising in information security, working for Ernst & Young in Durban, South Africa.

I’m an ISACA South Africa Board member, being the KwaZulu Natal regional co-ordinator.

Currently doing my MBA at the University of KwaZulu Natal. The dissertation is the last step and I’m doing mine on director interlocks on the JSE.

You can find me on TwitterFacebook and Linkedin.

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  1. Ilze:

    Hi Justin
    I have been through your website with a fine tooth comb and maybe missed the answer to the question that I have but any help will be appreciated. I have just bought my USB Drifta, installed the software, activated it made sure I am in a cover area etc. The drifta just keeps on flashing green, it doesn’t do anything else, I also keep on getting an error message that says the device driver can not be located. I have seen a previous post of yours to fix this problem but I cant find the archive files you mentioned. Please help before I throw a lot of money out of the window.

    30.07.2012 15:33 Reply

    • Justin:

      Hi Ilze

      The drivers are included in the install file. Even though the install is an exe you can still use one of the zip utilities to unzip it. Then inside the folder you will be able to find the drivers you need. Try that, if you don’t come right mail me, include a screenshot of the error message will see how I can help you.


      30.07.2012 19:47 Reply

  2. Robert:

    Hi Justin, Do you have a link to, or information regarding using the dstv drifta on a rooted galaxy s2. I have an APK that I understood bypassed this (filename app.finaldstv-t3.apk), but it never finds the decoder (even though in wi-fi settings I am connected to the decoder). I dont plan on doing any copyright infringing, so cannot see why I cant use this for normal viewing. any help?

    19.07.2012 08:26 Reply

    • Justin:

      Hi Robert

      Take a look on the FAQ page (j-j.co.za/gofaq) there is some info about OTA Rootkeeper which will help solve the problem, letting you run the official unpatched version.


      19.07.2012 19:54 Reply

      • Robert:

        Thanks Justin, I’ll take a look. Might possibly roll back to unrooted anyway, but will still see. thanks. cheers

        20.07.2012 08:28 Reply

  3. Mohammed:

    I wanted to know if the walka can work on the computer. Thanks

    10.07.2012 18:11 Reply

  4. Raymond:

    And you can use QueryUSSD to load airtime etc (jailbroken devices only. Does not support New iPad or iPhone 4s). I have not tried this as I only have non compatible idevices.

    07.07.2012 14:04 Reply

  5. Raymond:

    Hi Justin
    Raymond here again. I can confirm that the tv out with dstv mobile works with Xcon.

    07.07.2012 13:57 Reply

    • Justin:

      Thanks for confirming that Raymond, a big plus.

      07.07.2012 16:48 Reply

  6. Wayne:

    I cannot seem to find out how to load my cell c airtime on my iPad 2. Please help?

    22.06.2012 17:31 Reply

    • Justin:

      Hi Wayne
      Sorry for late response. Needed to confirm with Cell C. Unfortunately there is no way to do it on the device itself. You need take the SIM out, put it into a phone, load the airtime there and convert it to a data bundle. Then put back into iPad and use it.

      Cell C also said that if you know the phone number of the SIM you can do a recharge in the Internet or through Cellphone banking. They didn’t say exactly how. Did ask them some more questions, will let you know when I find some more info.


      23.06.2012 15:07 Reply

    • Raymond:

      You can use QueryUSSD to load airtime etc (jailbroken devices only. Does not support New iPad or iPhone 4s).

      10.07.2012 20:47 Reply

      • Justin:

        Thanks Raymond, good to know.

        10.07.2012 21:18 Reply

  7. Raymond:

    Hi Justin. I don’t know if anyone has whispered the way arount the jailbreak check for iPad. I have the newest uncracked dstv mobile app and it works 100%. I have not tested the tv out as I don’t have the cable for it. I don’t want to post the work around here. If you or anyone else is interested, send me an email. iPad 3, 5.1.1, untethered jailbreak.

    22.06.2012 12:13 Reply

  8. mantawa:

    Hi, pleaseassist me… I got a drifta from a friend and it keeps saying “Error: Can’t intialise Display” but I see the T.V. Schedule, the network is full and wifi is even on …so how do I get around this. Also my PC on Windows 7 meet s all the requirements by DSTV.
    Thank you for your help

    21.06.2012 13:47 Reply

    • Justin:

      Hi Mantawa

      A few others have had this problem. It generally relates to one of a few things :
      The pc screen resolution or color depth not being right
      Old or outdated direct X installed
      Outdated graphics drivers
      Having multiple network cards or virtual network cards from a virtual pc type installation.

      Please can you supply some more info so we can try troubleshoot a bit.


      21.06.2012 20:16 Reply

      • mantawa:

        Oh thank you for that insight..here is how things are.
        Based on ur input, From the onset I think the problem is my Graphics because I do not have Direct X installed and if I do I have the very old one. Also my graphic drivers am not sure if they are new but my motherboard is quite old I think last time I checked its a 2005 or so.
        PC Resolution and Color Depth I can change that but what are the required settings for a drifta?
        Net work I have only one Network Card which I last used a long time ago. So I will go and check for the virtual PC type of installation u talked about ..but I doubt.. I hope this info is adequate so that I can be helped.. :-)

        22.06.2012 09:36 Reply

        • Justin:

          Hi Mantawa

          Colour depth needs to be more than 256 colours.

          You need to update your graphics drivers and direct x. Do you know what graphics card you have?


          22.06.2012 19:51 Reply

          • Name...tawanda:

            Thank u Justin. Ok first this will be weird but I have no graphics card I use the internal one. Then I have DirectX 11. I cudnt get to the old windows color settings that was provided wen u change ur display but I kno I went to color management and changed the default to HD that shud be more than 256 colors.
            Still tryin the network card configurations.
            Do u think I nid an external graphics card before I can use the drifta?
            Thanks for ur time and input

            23.06.2012 02:29

          • Justin:

            Even the internal graphics will have a chipset and can have driver updates. You don’t necessarily need a graphics card for Drifta, it isn’t very graphical intensive. Normally when you right click on “My Computer” go to Manage Computer and look for Manage devices (also found in control panels) then you can see information about all the hardware in the computer. Choose graphics and see what is there. Is it a laptop you are using? The best is then to update the drivers for graphics.

            HD should be fine for colour palette.

            23.06.2012 09:48

  9. Malie:

    I’ve collected a lot of ebooks without drm and use calibre to convert.
    Can I transfer this books to Gobii?

    10.06.2012 12:22 Reply

  10. L G:

    Hi Justin Seems the links for the drifta screen resize are not available anymore, could you please e-mail me the file. Thx

    08.06.2012 23:18 Reply

    • Justin:

      Hi LG
      Will try and make a plan around this. My view is that this file contains no code that is copyright DSTV and since it runs in parallel to it there should be no problem hosting the file here.

      09.06.2012 08:06 Reply

      • Justin:

        I have added a new link at the bottom of the post. Let me know if you still have a problem. Justin

        09.06.2012 17:11 Reply

  11. Ed:

    Hi Justin
    Since upgrading my Ipad2 to version 5.1.1 I can not connect my Drifta, tried it on a friends Ipad2 and also says Unable to join the network DStv****** The Drifta works on my Windows7 Pc. I see under Apps the Drifta has the following settings:Scan Frequency (MHz) which has a 0 filled in?

    Kind regards.

    23.05.2012 19:39 Reply

    • Justin:

      Hi Ed

      The main iPad I use I have not yet upgraded. I have a access to a work iPad which I have upgraded. Unfortunately my Drifta is still in Durban, will only be able to do testing on the weekend, will be able to get back to you on Saturday.

      If you are desperate you can try call the DSTV help desk, let us know if you have any luck with it.


      23.05.2012 22:28 Reply

      • Justin:

        Hi Ed,

        Had some replies from my twitter followers who are having no problems with latest iOS. Have you tried doing full reset of device and pairing up again? Let me know if you are still having problem and give us much detail as you can to try and trouble shoot.


        24.05.2012 20:55 Reply

        • Justin:

          Tested this last weekend works fine. Can you provide more details of your issue ?

          30.05.2012 19:03 Reply

          • Ed:

            Hi Justin
            Ipad2 IOS;V 5.1.1 (9B206)
            Drifta:DSTV Mobile Decoder;Model VTV-H11, Firmware: 2.1.312
            Application Version on Ipad2: 1.3.15
            When launcing the Ipad2 to connect via wifi, it sees the Drifta (Dstv057600) but when I try to pair it, it says “Unable to join the network DStv057600″
            The Drifta works fine on my PC (Windows7)

            26.06.2012 13:38

          • Justin:

            Hi Ed
            Are you connecting to the wifi device manually from your iPad through the Settings/wifi/Choose network?

            I haven’t come across your error before. When connecting from your laptop you are using a USB cable and not wifi?

            Have you tried a hard reset of the Drifta?


            26.06.2012 23:03

          • Ed:

            Hi Justin
            with the pc I use a usb cable, works well, next stop will be DSTV at N1City to see if they can help me sort out the problem, I tried two other Ipads2 and none could connect.
            Thanks for your reply.
            Kind regards.

            27.06.2012 15:15

          • Justin:

            Hi Ed

            Can only suggest a hard reset of the Drifta to reset the wifi protection and set the device back to factory default. Since iOS 5 it has been necessary to manually connect to the Drifta using the wifi settings in ios before loading the DSTV mobile application. I have never experienced the symptoms you are describing though. Most odd.


            27.06.2012 22:39

  12. Evert:

    Don’t want to be a bother but you sound like someone who knows whats going on. :)
    I have rooted my Galaxy S2 and now (obviously) Dstv complains about it. I thought the OTA Rootkeeper would help but it does not work on S2’s. You have any idea how to get it to work? (otherwise i have to unroot my S2 again).

    10.04.2012 13:39 Reply

    • Justin:

      Hi Evert
      It is supposed to work with the Galaxy S II. I don’t have an S II to test on but some googling shows others saying it works fine. What symptoms are you experiencing?

      10.04.2012 18:28 Reply

      • Evert:

        Got OTAQ to work and then found out i must use the Drifta for Honeycomb. Not 100% but useable.

        11.04.2012 06:20 Reply

  13. Andre Loots:

    Hi Justin

    I have an HTC Tytnll, it has windows mobile 6.1 prof, CE OS 5.2.19212. do you know if there is any app or any way that could make the drifta work on it? Thank you

    27.03.2012 08:21 Reply

    • Justin:

      Hi Andre

      Unless you can install android onto the device ( which I am not sure about for the Tytn) then it won’t be possible. I have seen people doing this with other HTC windows devices.

      Try googling for cyanogen for Tytn see if you can find anything.


      27.03.2012 12:41 Reply

  14. marinus:

    Hi Justin. Please help, i have an huawei ideos slim tablet s7,i would like to be able to watch my drifta dstv on it,at the moment is shows that it picks up the signal and it says obtaining ip address,and connected,but i still cannot view it. Please help,i am in the electronic security alarm business,so on that side i can return a favour again.Thanks Marinus

    25.03.2012 12:02 Reply

    • Justin:

      Hi Marinus

      What version of Android are you running on the tablet? Do you have a copy of the DSTV mobile application installed?


      25.03.2012 15:10 Reply

      • mARINUS:

        Hi Justin. Thanks for coming back to me.The huawei ideos s7 slim tablet,2.2 android,i can see the drifta is connected,it says so on the tablet ,i do have the application ,when i open it is ask to be connected to the net,bu cannot get it to connect. Thanks
        Look forward in hearing from you. Regards

        27.03.2012 13:25 Reply

        • Justin:

          Try connecting to the Internet, the. Loading the app, let it authenticate to the net, then connect to the Drifta and see how that works.

          02.04.2012 20:36 Reply

  15. Pierre Delport:

    Hi Justin

    I few weeks ago I was forces by the Drifta software to upgrade to a newer version. After this I found that I cannot connect to my notebook anymore via wireless. I contacted DSTV, but according to them they have taken the function away as it never should have been there. This is quite disappointing as it was a nice function as the signal in my office is very week and I could place the drifta at good signal position and then connect wireless to it.

    Why do DSTV disable functions that are useful for some users, and are there somehow a way to downgrade to the older version without being forced to upgrade again? According to them there is not.


    14.03.2012 09:43 Reply

    • Justin:

      Hi Pierre

      There is a way. A smart guy out there wrote a little windows app to do just this. It isn’t publicly available and I don’t have the right to distribute it. I will try find his details and put you in touch.

      Taking away features sucks, Sony was sued and lost for it, probably could be consumer protection act action too if you had the energy.

      15.03.2012 19:05 Reply

  16. ZIMBO:

    Hi Justin, Just got myself the 1st drifta and found out my blackberry is not supported or my android tablet. Any chance you have another link to the Windows and android hacked versions.

    17.02.2012 11:16 Reply

    • Justin:

      Sad how the modern generation of Blackberries are not supported. Mail me details of your android device will see if can give you some details of what might work.

      18.02.2012 16:31 Reply

  17. Lou:

    Thanks for all the advice.
    Where can I find a link to the dstv mobile app that supports more devices?

    03.02.2012 10:00 Reply

    • Justin:

      Sorry Lou, dstv have removed most of the links, sent me a threatening letter (a rather laughable one, with blatantly false assertions), then agreed to have a conference call discussion with me on the matter, which they then failed to carry out. Nonetheless, they claim it violates their copyright to link to versions of the software, try and google it, or get it from someone who has it.

      04.02.2012 23:35 Reply

  18. Chris:

    Hi Justin,

    I wanted to know would the USB drifta work on a mini laptop , I want to buy one with the following specs but I dont know if it would work ?


    CPU: VIA WM8650

    Processor Clock Speed: 800 MHz

    Operation System: Android 2.2

    Memory: 256MB DDR2 RAM

    Storage Device: 2GB NAND Flash

    LCD Size: 7″ PANEL

    Display Digital Screen TFT-LCD, True color image 800 x 480 Resolution

    Networking Connection: Fast 10/100 MB Ethernet (RJ-45)

    Wireless Connection: WiFi 802.11b/g available at any hot spot!!

    Keyboard: Standard English 80 key supports external keyboard

    Mouse & Touch pad: Build-in touch panel, set two shortcut key and support USB port mouse

    3 USB Ports

    PCMCIA Expansion: SD Card slot (up to 32GB)

    Flash: Support Adobe flash10.1 player

    Audio/Video: Integrated Quadraphonic Speakers, 1x 1/8″ (3.5mm) Headphone/Line-Out, 1x 1/8″ (3.5mm) Microphone port

    Audio Formats: MP2,MP3,WMA,OGG,AAC,M4A,MA4,FLAC,APE;Support song list function

    Video Formats: 3GP,MPEG1/2/4,FLV,MJPG,H263,H264?Support 720p playing

    E-Book: Support format:TXT,CHM,UMD,PDB,PDF

    Office software: With E-Book function,office word processing and document to go(Microsoft word, Excel,PPT and PDF)

    Picture browser: Support Format:JPG,BMP,PNG,GIF


    31.01.2012 09:02 Reply

    • Justin:

      Hi Chris
      This laptop is an android laptop so the Windows and Mac versions won’t work. It is running Android 2.2 and is not on the DSTV approved list of devices so the Android version (official) won’t work. An unofficial hacked version MAY work, but this device is quite different from those which the application was written to work on so it could have problems. If you get the device, don’t count on it working.

      31.01.2012 17:58 Reply

  19. marinus:

    Hi I bought an dstv drifta and an huawei ideos s7 slim tablet, i would like to know what i have to do to view the dstv drifta on the tablet. Thanks Hope you can help.Regards

    24.01.2012 21:02 Reply

  20. earl:

    Can somebody give me info on all the channels that the drifta can recieve.
    Can you plug the drifta into your tv that has got a usb

    05.01.2012 13:35 Reply

    • Justin:

      Hi Earl

      No sadly you can’t plug the USB stick into the USB port of your TV. The TVs don’t have the required software to make this work.

      Take a look at the question on channel list on the FAQ page http://j-j.co.za/gofaq and you will see the list there.


      05.01.2012 13:56 Reply

  21. Justin:

    I’m in the unfortunate position to have had to deal with a Vodacom repair gone wrong.

    The problem started when my handset was returned to me in an unrepaired state with claims from Vodacom that the handset has a had a previous unauthorised repair carried out on it. I immediately disputed this as this is the first time the handset has ever been sent in, as a result the handset was sent in again and Vodacom then made claims of physical damage.
    I have now lost count as to how many times I’ve been told that the handset has been sent back and forth from Vodacare West Gate and other Vodacom repair centres. PLEASE TAKE NOTE: That handset has not been opened by me or any other third party from the date I took delivery of it (It was a new phone in a sealed box). The first time the handset left my possession was on November the 3rd 2011 when it was given in at Vodacare West Gate and to date I have not seen it again!
    With regards to the claims(Physical damage)made by Vodacom on the re-assessment of the handset: When the handset was given in at Vodacare West Gate a customer receipt was handed to me stating the physical condition of the handset, on this receipt reads no damage. Upon disputing this claim the handset was sent in again for re-assessment, the outcome of this is that the handset is indeed beyond economic repair and that I will be given a refurbished unit with less features than what my handset had!
    I’m not accepting a lesser handset and I’m not accepting a damaged refurbished unit for a problem which clearly occurred on Vodacom’s side. I have even joined twitter in an attempt to contact the ceo of Vodacom, yet I’m still ignored.

    Please advise me as to what I should do.

    The IMEI number of the handset is: 352014040297660

    Justin Brown

    20.12.2011 15:49 Reply

    • Justin:

      Hi Justin

      My sympathies, dealing with Vodacom when things go wrong is a real pain, and they are real bullies. The customer really doesn’t come first.

      I have had similar issues, with a device being faulty, being taken in and then being told it was water damage even though the water damage sticker was still white, showing no damage. Vodacom insisted there was water damage and refused to repair the device, insisting I must rather put in an insurance claim. I have a friend who had exactly the same scenario.

      This really sucks, we don’t get to open up the phone, take it to them in perfect condition, they open it up without us being present and then suddenly there is all sorts of internal damage which gets them out of fixing it. So very very convenient.

      Out of principle I would say fight them on it. Lay a complaint with the call centre, get the reference number, if they don’t get back to you in the 48 hours promised (which they never do) then log another call and record your complaint at Hello Peter. This generally gets a response, though seldom the one you want. Depending on how old the device is (and when you bought it) you may also want to see if there is a CPA complaint that can be laid – though have had no luck on this front either to be honest. I have an open CPA complaint against them, the due date has gone months ago and they never bothered to reply to me.

      Another option is to try and contact @uyspj on twitter. Pieter responds to most messages and gets his people onto the case to try and sort them out. This generally gets a response, impressive that a Chief Exec takes customer care so personally.

      Good luck in your endeavors, and keep us posted.

      21.12.2011 12:09 Reply

  22. Roger:

    Hi Justin
    i had done ,so but are still getting error message {Can’t initialize display}….it pick up the channels ,but i get a black screen with no picture or sound

    Thanks for everything i really appreciate your help …

    07.11.2011 18:18 Reply

    • Justin:

      Roger, can you give me the full exact wording of the error message and the error number, I will try and find more information then. Justin

      07.11.2011 20:38 Reply

  23. Roger:


    06.11.2011 20:37 Reply

    • Justin:

      Hi Roger
      32 bit true colour should be just fine. 1024×768 should also be ok, my laptop runs at 1366×768 and my desktop at 1920×1020 both at 32 bit colour.

      I googled around a bit and found that some people have similar problems with certain games, and have managed to solve the problem by installing the Direct X runtime. It may be that the Drifta software is assuming this is installed when it is in fact not. Try this link to install the Direct X redistributable : http://www.microsoft.com/download/en/details.aspx?id=8109

      Hopefully that has a positive affect. If not please post the full detail of the error, including the error number and the exact wording.


      06.11.2011 23:35 Reply

  24. Roger:

    its DAC TYPE 8 bit

    06.11.2011 20:31 Reply

  25. Roger:

    Hi Justin…please see graphics specs…
    Resolution : 1024 x 768
    Display :standard VGA Graphics adapter

    03.11.2011 17:28 Reply

    • Justin:

      Hi Roger
      That sounds ok, what is the colour depth, you can check this by right clicking on your desktop and looking at the properties. It should give the resolution (1024×768) and then say 256, medium (16 bit) or high (32 bit) or something along those lines.

      04.11.2011 23:12 Reply

  26. Roger:

    Hi Justin
    Can you help i got a problem with my drifter connecting to my laptop error message cant initialize display..what can i do to fix this ?

    02.11.2011 23:00 Reply

    • Justin:

      Hi Roger

      What’s your screen resolution, colour depth, graphics card details etc. I have only heard of this happening went the screen doesn’t have enough colours to display the picture.


      03.11.2011 13:25 Reply

  27. bernard:


    Im very interested in the drifta application that works on rooted phones…
    could you please mail me the link… :)

    01.11.2011 22:28 Reply

    • Justin:

      Hi Bernard

      You can try OTA Rootkeeper, then you don’t need a patched version.


      02.11.2011 17:48 Reply

  28. Mohamed Hassanaaly:

    hi Justin… i have just become your biggest fan. Even from our old days you where the man with the gadget knowledge. i just purchased a galaxy tab 10.1 and would like to install the drifta mobile software can you please help. pop me an email pls. Take care let me know when you are in CT

    15.10.2011 18:46 Reply

    • Justin:

      Hi Mohamed,
      Bad news with the Galaxy Tab 10.1 The Drifta software doesn’t currently work on any Android 3 (Honeycomb) devices. DStv havent written a version yet. I am sure they will get round to it sometime but for now all you can do is wait. A real pain in know. There seems to be enough differences between Gingerbread and Honeycomb so it isn’t just a matter of hacking the software, guys have tried with the hacked software with no luck.

      15.10.2011 22:59 Reply

  29. Iric:

    Hi Justin,
    Is there any development on new applications for a full-screen view of the DSTV drifta?


    12.10.2011 18:08 Reply

    • Justin:

      Hi Iric. Most people have settled for using the built in Windows zoom (windows + on windows 7) or one of the third party zoom applications on earlier versions. DStv have become very problematic about people hosting altered versions of their software so even if there was a hacked version we wouldn’t be able to openly link to it or host it here.

      12.10.2011 23:20 Reply

  30. Kyle Venter:

    Hey just a heads up. Easiest way to record whatever you want from the drifta is to download an application for windows 7 called WMcapture 5. You simply move the glowing dots/boxes to the part of your scream you want to record and badabing bada bam. You can set it to record at a specif time. Once recorded just use VReveal to upscale the video and apply a few shaders. Convert it, send the saved file to anywhere on your hard drive and you can have your very own copy of any rugby game or anything your heart desires. Just remember to record the small screen size because when converting it helps with the quality. Enjoy the Rugga’s Goooooo Bokkaaaaa.

    05.10.2011 17:12 Reply

  31. Thulas Msomi:

    Hi Justin. Not sure if you still remember me. My other name is Roy and we were doing MBA at UKZN (2007-2009). Just thought I should drop this message and will appreciate if you keep my profile in mind if you hear anything that suits my profile. Need to move up the ladder and use my MBA.

    29.09.2011 22:50 Reply

    • Justin:

      Hi Roy, send me an invite on LinkedIn, happy to connect up there see what we can do.

      30.09.2011 22:07 Reply

  32. Kyle:

    Ahoy Justin cool beans, thanks bro, got it working on my vodafone 845 with a hacekd app from XDA developers. Brilliant. And it is possible to increase the resolution by modulating the DVB-H frequency settings with an android app. Strange, they did in fact include the possibillity for watching with better resolution. I think it is just the signal reception capabillities of the device. But when combined with an android device and interwoven, the signal reception problem becomes immeterial because you rely on the androids reception capabillities and not the drifta device itself. i.e. The android becomes the drifta and the drifta’s only role is initial decoding and portal conditioning. Thanks for all your help man, my excitement over this device just increased 50 fold.

    28.09.2011 16:53 Reply

    • Justin:

      Glad you all sorted Kyle

      28.09.2011 18:01 Reply

  33. Arkaitz:

    For Niel,

    How did you managed to make it work in your Samsung galaxy S i9003 rooted? I have the same phone with gingerbread XXKPH 2.3.4 and I am not able to make Drifta work…..

    Please help

    26.09.2011 11:52 Reply

    • Justin:

      Arkaitz, take a look at the new post I uploaded this morning, should help you.

      27.09.2011 06:36 Reply

  34. Kyle Venter:

    Shweet thanks man Justin that is legendary. I am also trying to cirumvent an app for my u8120, a small android phone, originally v845 but now running 2.3.5 Gingerbread and as fast as lightning. I can play the recorded game on the phone but am unable to stream from my pc to my device. That is, stream the footage from the drifta. If an app is on the way that will be awesome because then you can stream from the phone to pc and enlarge it on the pc with average streaming software. This usb drifta has so many possibillities. I am sure they have locked away in their box of tricks all the code to make this device super. They will most likely bring it out next year to get more money out of the product. i.e. they will charge for enhancements. Anyways God bless Justin and thanks for the interesting site.

    25.09.2011 16:28 Reply

    • Justin:

      Kyle, Take a look at the new post i uploaded this morning. Should help you.

      27.09.2011 06:35 Reply

  35. Kyle Venter:

    Hey, just an update, once recorded, you can use a software called vReveal to improve the resolution and picture quality. It encodes with/to h.264 and the result is awesome. I have now burned the rugby game to an hd dvd, and the playback is brilliant. I am one consumer sheep who will not bleet to the rythem of the dstv monopoly dog. It is just a matter of time before this device is hacked and made free for a free and proud people. And Justin, do not worry about these dstv littigational threats. By the time they have constructed a legal case, armaggedon will have come and gone. And they do not realise that there are people out there who are aware, and have documentational evidence of their backdoor dealings, corruption, price fixing and fraudelent activities. And they never know when said persons/person might just decide to publish all of their dirty laundry over the internet. And until the secrecy bill is passed, hack away my dear friends. Lets engoy the free country while it is still truly free.

    23.09.2011 15:48 Reply

    • Justin:

      Thanks for the update Kyle. I am not too concerned about the takedown notice, it was very badly written and referred to numerous irrelevant acts and non existent sections of acts. Most was pure hogwash and there is no precedent in SA of anybody being prosecuted for linking to a file. That said, they do have legal and moral obligations to protect their intellectual property. A way has been found to allow the standard non hacked application to run on rooted non compatible devices :) this method doesn’t contravene the copyright act nor promote piracy so is all good. I hope to find time over the weekend to type it up and post it. Watch this space.

      23.09.2011 23:31 Reply

  36. Kyle Venter:

    Hey Justin, after much struggling I have found an easy way to record from the window on my desktop of my win7 64bit home premium. I recorded the rugby between Namibia and Springboks today and the result is fantastic. I do not want to put the name of the app here in case the DSTV cheapscates try and block it with their next automatic update scam. But if you send me a message to my e-mail I will gladly give you the name. In terms of resizing while improving the resolution I cannot find anything. But after recording the game to a small screen size I am sure there must be a software that can re-encode the already saved movie file and make it sharper, increase resolution and decrease choppiness? Or will the picture quality stay the same no matter what format I convert it to? Anyways bro keep safe and I pray people will find a way to hack the hell out of this constrictive device. After all we live in a land of the free, we cannot stand anyone, including DSTV locking us up in chains with a device we have bought and now own.

    22.09.2011 15:35 Reply

    • Justin:

      Will drop you a mail, thanks Kyle :)

      22.09.2011 21:44 Reply

  37. Mark Kriel:

    Do you have a patch that I can increase the picture size of my drifta screen on XP.

    21.09.2011 13:59 Reply

    • Justin:

      Mark, There isn’t a (known) patch for the windows client 1.3. Have you tried qzoom and zoomit? The other option is to set your screen resolution to 640×480. A pain but it works.

      21.09.2011 19:27 Reply

  38. Terry:

    Thanks Justin, much appreciated.

    20.09.2011 12:00 Reply

  39. Nola:

    Justin, thanks so much. I really appreciate your help.

    19.09.2011 12:47 Reply

  40. Terry:

    Can you tell me if and when there will be a Drifta Android app for my Acer Tablet?

    19.09.2011 12:44 Reply

    • Justin:

      Hi Terry
      Nothing specific. You have a much better chance if it is running Android 2.x vs 3.x at this stage

      19.09.2011 13:28 Reply

  41. Nola:

    I have tried to download the Dstv Mobile Decoder for my HTC Desire HD from android market but the site is saying my device country(I am from Nigeria) is not compatible. I have searched the file on the internet but all the links for downloading the file has been taken down. Please can you help me with a link to download the file. My device is not rooted. Please reply to my email. Thanks

    18.09.2011 12:45 Reply

    • Justin:

      Hi Nola, Unfortunately I was served (with a very badly drafted and probably invalid) take-down notice and had some conversations with DStv after that. I am waiting to have another phone conversation with them so at this stage I cannot in good faith provide links to any hacked (or unhacked it seems) versions of their software. Hopefully this can get resolves shortly. Keep googling, I am sure there must still be versions out there somewhere. It really is sad that people need to resort to such tactics to get a product (which they are paying for) working as promised. Otherwise try and find someone which has it installed on their phone and see if they can send it across to yours using one of these file manager tools.

      18.09.2011 19:31 Reply

    • Justin:

      Hi Nola
      I have added some questions to the FAQ on creating an .APK from an installed application and on installing from an .APK. Next time your are in South Africa or send one of your devices to a friend in South Africa (or any other supported region) or can VPN to the region then get it installed onto one device and then you can copy it across to any other devices you have.

      18.09.2011 21:12 Reply

  42. Neil:

    Thanks for the info about getting drifta running on all Android phones. My Drifta now runs on my Samsung Galaxy S GT-I9003, Gingerbread 2.3.4, rooted!

    11.09.2011 20:28 Reply

  43. Bruce:

    Dstv drifta problem, Cant initialize display, I have had this problem with XP sp2&3, upgraded to Win7 Pro x86, still the problem persists. I have changed display adapters from the built in cheapo Intel to Geforce to FX5500 to using an old PCI 8mb SIS card. Does anyone have a solution? Specs P4 3.0Ghz, 1GB Ram, Win7Pro.

    07.09.2011 10:09 Reply

  44. Theo:

    Hi Justin, did you find a window re-size patch for DSTV Mobile 1.3.1 yet?

    02.09.2011 10:26 Reply

    • Justin:

      No sadly not. I am currently just using the built in Windows 7 zoom function (Windows key and +) to make mine bigger. Check the FAQ for other tools if you are using XP or Vista.

      02.09.2011 17:44 Reply

  45. Evelyn:

    Hi Justin, i am unable to get any signal with my Drifta. According to the DSTV coverage map i shouldnt have any problems! Any suggestions? Many Thanks, Evelyn

    29.08.2011 19:26 Reply

    • Justin:

      Hi Evelyn
      Have you tried it in other areas just to make sure all is working? If it works in other places just not your house/study/wherever you trying to use it, then you can look to use external aerials, touch the aerial against something metal (pc case, a fan cover, burglar bars etc) to get a boost. First step is make sure it is working.

      29.08.2011 20:13 Reply

  46. Johann Strydom:

    Hi Justin
    Your comments on the iPad 2 was very helpful, but I’d just like to double check before forking out quite a bit of cash for one: I also have a Cell C Woosh stick paid up for the year (5Gig), if I understand correctly I can just use this with the iPad 2? No transfers or contact with Cell C again? (I’m a user, not an expert by any stretch of the imagination…) Thanks again, if you could just give the thumbs up, cheers, Johann

    09.08.2011 14:15 Reply

    • Justin:

      Hi Johann
      Yes, you can use the Cell C 3G sim. The iPad uses a micro sim so you will need to either cut your sim down to size, or do a sim swap at a Cell C for the smaller one. Once done that is it, no contracts, no monthly payments or anything else.

      09.08.2011 14:56 Reply

  47. Henriet:

    Hi Justin. I need your help here: I found your converting e-books to Kindle part very helpful, however, being technologically challenged/retarded, after downloading e-book from Kalahari, I’m having trouble downloading ePUBee remover. Surely, it must be somewhere on my Programs to convert e-book? I understand your instructions clearly, but not getting further then the downloading part. Help!!

    10.07.2011 07:49 Reply

    • Justin:

      Hi Henriet

      Once you have downloaded epubee drm remover and installed it, it
      should be in your start menu.

      Once it is there, you can run it. Just clicking on it causes an error
      Error:File access denied!
      Please use administrator to run this program
      Right click the program icon, then ‘run as administrator”

      so then i do just that, and then it pops up the little window to do
      the conversion.

      I am not sure how far you are getting in the process. Try and give me
      details of where you are up to.


      10.07.2011 08:29 Reply

  48. akha:

    help me with email to send answers in nigeris dstvmobile Q&A

    03.06.2011 13:25 Reply

  49. anthony karriem:

    Hi Justin thanks for the information regarding the patch to make the screen bigger, i will load it tonight and try it out

    19.05.2011 11:39 Reply

  50. Alb:

    Hi, Justin

    I have found your ACL post (http://j-j.co.za/?p=110) very interesting regarding the the removal of the recordoffset command. But I would like to know your opinion about using an SSD instead of a mechanical hard disk drive. Does this improve the execution times in ACL? I am trying to convince my managers to update the PCs to have an SSD… but I haven’t been able to do it :(

    Kind regards!

    01.12.2010 20:03 Reply

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