Blackberry Bold 9000 battery replacement (and cheap chinese shipping)

Posted on July 7, 2010

I really enjoy my Blackberry Bold 9000. It has a nice sized screen and a great sized keyboard. I also use a Nokia E71, and in comparison the small little keyboard is a real pain to type on. Over the 14 months or so I have had it, the battery life has deteriorated significantly,  to the point where I can’t get through a day of normal useage (perhaps an hour of calls, some twitter useage, some BBM conversations and fairly heavy email useage).

I read a little about double capacity batteries being available, did some searching around and found one at a very reasonable price on Ebay, with a new back cover to allow the battery to fit. About $10 later (free shipping), a two week wait and it appeared in my post box. Plugged it in tonight. The new case makes the phone a bit bulkier than it already was (not so great), although not quite as heavy. I had thought the extended battery case would give a bulge at the back, instead it extends the size of the entire back of the phone. Still having doubts about whether this is going to be convenient, but, if it really does give double (of the original) battery life, I think I am going to enjoy this.

Will keep you all posted.

P.S. Has anybody figured out how the sellers in Hong Kong and China seem to be able to offer free shipping on small purchases as low as $1? I have serious doubts if we could even post them anything for $1 let alone buy the packaging and the actual item for sale. This is fun new retail therapy (for me), and a completely new way of doing business to ponder. If people have time to spare there is no reason to buy these kinds of items locally. Let’s see if the screen protectors, pouches, camera batteries and lense covers arrive too :)

P.P.S. I bought the battery with cover from soonhua_digital on ebay (US)

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  1. stephen strydom:

    thanks for the info – im going to give it a try!

    10.11.2011 11:09 Reply

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