Adding a Facebook ‘like’ button to my blog

Posted on August 01, 2010

I just added a Facebook ‘like’ button to the site. It appears below each post (for now) and let’s people like a particular article, with the added benefit that it posts through to their Facebook page, with an optional comment if they like.

I have used the WordPress “Like” plugin by Bottomless (found here).  The quick bit of testing I have done so far seems to show that it works well enough. I will test it out for a while and then see whether to keep it on, come up with another option or what to do.

If anyone has added something similar to their site and would like to share the experiences please do. The more input and ideas the better. I am already thinking I would like a “social media” bar that gives the option to Facebook Like, Tweet etc all from one place instead of having in a number of different places. I have yet to find something that does that for me. Will keep looking.

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