Guest review : What is Minecraft ? (1.7.3)

Posted on September 10, 2011

Minecraft is a sandbox type game where there is no purpose but just to experiment (and survive) to build and advance your world as far as you can. The basics are that you start on an island, find some trees, make a temporary (or permanent) shelter and then find some coal to make torches to light up your home. There are 4 difficulty modes:

  • peaceful, where no mobs (enemies) will spawn that will attack you,
  •  easy, where all the mobs spawn but they have less health and deal less damage then the other difficulties,
  • normal, the average mode  where the mobs are have slightly more health and damage then in easy, and of course
  • hard mode where the mobs are the most difficult to kill (deal the most damage and have the most health).


There is no actual storyline or anything that you are trying to do besides survive and advance to higher technologies such as pistons and mine carts.

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