Some interesting site and Google advert revenue statistics

Posted on November 11, 2011

For those that may be interested :

  • has had over 63 000 page views since May 2011
  • September 2011 was the most viewed month with over 19 000 views
  • Google adverts have been served since May
  • A total of R1250 has been earned in advertising revenue in that time
  • A click on an advert can earn anything from 60c up to R10, with an average of around R3
  • A page with a thousand views (and no clicks) can earn about 8c  (at times can be zero)
  • My average click through rate is around 0.9%

So thanks to those of you who do click on the adverts, they don’t make millions but do help to pay for the hosting and domain costs to keep the site running.

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2 Responses

  1. Andrew Mosey:

    Thanks for the info jj,
    Just be careful suggesting people click the ads as g are known to suspend accounts for this!

    15.12.2011 07:06 Reply

    • Justin:

      Hi Andrew
      Yeah, I don’t openly solicit people to click on adverts and don’t click on them myself (amazingly enough, some of the adverts actually look interesting and I would like to see what they are all about, nonetheless…)

      Goodluck with your site.

      21.12.2011 12:13 Reply

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