Service Desk Hell : The case of the missing Purchases Part II

Posted on February 2, 2013

Read part I of Service Desk Hell : The case of the missing Purchase, then click-through.


So by now you have read the original post, with the details of what the service desk agent captured into the service desk system. If you didn’t, then this post won’t make much sense so head over here and read it.


Below is what had been captured into the failed on-line system before being dictated to the somewhat clueless service desk agent.

Level 2 Incident to be logged

Attention XXX & XXX 

 SCCM patch management is not operating as required and patches are not being pushed to servers requiring patching. The servers are reporting locally that no patches are required. This is resulting in administrators believing their servers are patched up to date while the servers are missing many patches, and the MSA requirements for patch timelines are not being met. The SCCM patch reports reflect XXXX servers with >20 or patches missing. This needs immediate investigation and resolution.


I guess it is not hard to see why this didn’t get the attention from management it deserved.


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  1. Service desk hell : The case of the missing Purchases |

    […] to see if you can figure out what the agent was trying to capture, leave it in the comments, then click-through to the next page to see what was actually dictated to the call centre […]

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