Mugg and Bean nespresso compatible pods now available

Posted on October 30, 2014

I was delighted to discover that my local Checkers now stocks a new range of Mugg and Bean nespresso compatible pods. 

There seemed to be four flavours available,  three of which are pictured below. Espresso (no 47),  House Blend (no 52),  Single Origin (no 24) and a Decaf.

They are presented in a cute square box and each box contains two puffed up airtight bags with 5 capsules in each.  The foil tops are of each capsule are printed with the name and number of the coffee and seem to be aligned with the new “extra compatible”  design being used by Caffè Luxe so should work in most machines.

Interestingly the box doesn’t mention the Nespresso brand anywhere but it’s clear from the pod shapes that they are the same.


Always good to have more options. They are priced at a mid range of R49.99 for the box so a bit cheaper than the Nespresso foil pods and R13 more than Checkers’ own Foreign  Ground range. 

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