Can I buy books directly on the Kindle?

Posted on July 7, 2011

Yes, once you have set up your Amazon account and linked the Kindle, which they will kindly do for you automatically if you buy it on-line from Amazon. If your credit card details are stored in your Amazon account you can buy directly on the device. The book will then be delivered directly, via Whispernet for 3G (within a minute or two) or via WiFi when you are next in range. There is no extra delivery charge, it is included in the price.

This makes it great for people who are not all that comfortable using a PC, but can be a problem if your children are playing with the Kindle and accidentally buy a book (or ten) without your knowledge. There have been cases of Amazon providing a refund in these kinds of cases. Mail them. They have a really great refund policy and customer service is tops.

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