Can I record the Drifta video feed ?

Posted on March 3, 2011

Not with the official software as it is supplied by DSTV, however, it seems the functionality may be in the software just currently disabled (see bottom of the entry).

“Screen scraping” type solutions may work. I haven’t heard of anyone doing this effectively yet. Have a good solution? Please  share.

There is some more info here :

TonyB suggested a tool called Debut on the forums “I downloaded a brilliant set of free tools called Debut at:

While looking through the DSTV windows application the following strings were found :

  • Cannot switch channel while recording. Play the TV of currently being received. Stop video of currently being played.
  • ### TVNBWEBAPPCLIENT 9941 http://%s:%u/tvnb? <tuner_start_receiving channel=’%d’ channel_name=’%s’ program_title=’%s’/> Cannot create recording %s (disk space too tight)
  • RTSP rtp_receiver_tvnb_thread Cannot create recording %s Recording to %s
  • <cas_event event_id=”%d”> stop_channelscan save_partial=1 %s\DStv\DStv Mobile Decoder % \ Recordings \ DStv Mobile Decoder Recordings \ RecordingSpaceLimit RecordingSpaceLimit \ Settings \ \ tvnb_preferences tvnb_preferences tvnb_preferences %d %08x: %08x: ### ### Could not find %s Failed to load %s preferences.xml \
  • PanelSideStatus PanelSideStatus ### Could not start recording ###
  • AVrecordings_finder / AVdirectory_walker
  • AVmg_rtp_AES_recorder AVtvnb_recorder AVFILE_recorder
  • AVCPanelPlay@@ AVCPanelRecording AVCRecordingBitmapButton@@
  • Record Files (*.ert)|*.ert|All Files (*.*)
  • Play Normal, Fast Forward x 2, Fast Forward x 4, Fast Forward x 8, -10 sec +10 sec, Seek to 30 seconds before, Seek to 10 seconds before, Seek to 10 seconds after, Seek to 30 seconds after

This seems to suggest that recording is possible – and probably even , the trick is to figure out how to activate it. Time to haul out those tweakUI apps and see if any of the elements exist. If we lucky it can all be activated through changes in the registry or config files, if not, perhaps the .exe can be hacked as the resize hack was done.

Sadly, I took a look at the UI using WinSpy++ 1.7 and I could not find any hidden “record”  button. Looks like it isn’t going to just be as easy as enabling something.


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