Can I use Drifta on my jailbroken ipad/iphone/itouch?

Posted on March 3, 2011

The software does a check and won’t work on jailbroken devices. There are older versions of the software which don’t have this check and they can be found if you google for them (or check here ).

There is an application called Xcon which is available in the Cydia store which allows jailbreak detection to be bypassed for a number of applications including the latest version (1.01.09) of the DSTV application.  I have tested with this version, and had confirmation from another party that it works a treat.

There are also unofficial patched versions (try here ) and the newer v1.01.02  available here as well as V1.01.07 (with TV out) linked from here.

DSTV claim this is due to licensing (again), and it is also likely they don’t want jailbroken devices using it as they can then also bypass the output to TV restriction. Amusingly enough, using the standard application (which doesn’t work) on a Jailbroken device would not let you use the TV out, however, one of the kind souls out there has made a patch to the standard application to allow it to work on Jailbroken devices (as above) and at the same time remove the TV out restriction. Wonderful case of the Streissand effect. Be careful what you do, the consequences can be to cause what you feared.  Look around on Xsellize forums (linked above) and you may find what you seek.

The very latest 1.01.09 iPad application released on 3 June 2012 (Appstore link) which supports the iDrifta doesn’t seem to have been patched yet.


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