How do I install an .ipa file onto my iPhone/iPad ?

Posted on September 9, 2011

Drag and drop the ipa into itunes under Apps. And then sync your apps with your ipad apps and it should allow you to drag and drop as you please.

If it doent work, you might need to go into Cydia, go to sources and find appsync for your iOS version and install it.
there’s a youtube vid on how to install IPA files. its not hard. I haven’t tried these methods, but they provide details on installing .ipa’s. From what I can see all of these require jailbroken devices and the use of Cydia. I am assuming if you have jailbroken your device you already have Cydia installed so this shouldn’t be a problem. If your device isn’t jailbroken then you wouldn’t be needing to install an unoffical .ipa.

Installing ipa on an iPhone (link here)

Installing ipa on an iPad (link here)

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