How do I make the picture windows larger / resizable?

Posted on June 6, 2012

The latest version 1.3 of the client software can be made to allow the window to be resized. Links to downloads are on this page.

NB If you have Windows 7 there is an easy solution, just press Windows key and + to zoom in and Windows key and – to zoom out. No special software needed. Took me a while to figure this out after messing around with all this other software. Duh.

For other users, try and use something like ZoomIt (link here) or QZOOM (link here). I prefer ZoomIt but try a couple of options and see what works for you.

Not the most elegant solution but it works. Dennis suggests using QZOOM as follows :

” Just install it, double click on the icon at bottom right of taskbar to see instructions. It will fill your Screen! I’m using XP and if you hold “Windows” Key + Alt + ‘ your desktop will “zoom in”. Then position over the DRIFTA window. Note: Leave the DRIFTA window at it’s SMALLEST size before using QZoom to prevent flickering. It work quite well. ”


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