I got banned on the DSTV Mobile forum, what do I do ?

Posted on June 6, 2011

Haa haa. Welcome to the club.

Despite their terms of use allowing them to decide who they wish to use the forums and who they wish to exclude, one would think that the forums would be a good way to engage with customers, answer queries, deal with concerns being raised. It seems that DSTV would rather use the forums to spread propaganda messages, excluding those who ask questions they would rather not answer.

In my case

  • my ban is indefinite : “Date the ban will be lifted: Never”
  • for reasons unknown : “You have been banned for the following reason:┬áNo reason was specified.”
  • I mailed them to ask them the reason and never received a reply.

If you wish to see what is going on in the forums (and there never seems to be much) just log out of your account and you can read the forums. If they spent a bit more time answering questions honestly, providing customer support and sorting out their promises with respect to service delivery they would have a whole lot more customers. Oh what a pain it is to have to deal with monopolies.

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