I saw a book advertised on Amazon but it was more expensive when I tried to buy it

Posted on July 7, 2011

Yes. Sadly was live in Africa, therefore the books are more expensive. Normally the price difference is around $2 or so, but it can be more expensive. This is theoretically to cover the Whispernet delivery fees and probably also to pay local publishers. I know I get really irate at this, but when viewed objectively, and comparing the prices to loca book and eBook prices, Amazon is still way cheaper. Suck it up and pay the price.

There are ways to buy at USA prices, but this will require the use of proxy servers to hide your location, and may required the use of a foreign credit card. There are people who have managed to buy a few books in the USA store before Amazon detects the South African location and forces the more expensive books onto them. See what happens to you and make use of it.

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