Is it practical to read books on a small screen?

Posted on July 7, 2011

The small screen on phones can make it quite off-putting even to think about reading a book. I tested it out a year or so ago on my Blackberry Bold 9000. The screen was smallish, not a bad quality, resolution better than the bottom of the line 8520’s that are so popular now, but nowhere close to the iPhones or modern android devices.

The reading experience was not a bad one. Nowhere near the same as reading on the Kindle device, but much better than expected. The font size is adjustable, the app takes up the full screen and single key presses move you onto the next page. The Kindle app can be set to synchronise your position in the book back to the server so you can switch between devices without losing your place. This is great, if you are stuck somewhere with some time to kill and don’t have your Kindle handy eg. Doctors rooms, airport, etc

I wouldn’t buy Kindle books through the app to read on a small screen device as my primary reader. Perhaps a 4″ + screen is big enough. Download the application, install it, buy a cheap book and see for yourself, you may be pleasantly surprised. I was.

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