Is the Drifta a unique device or based on something else? (Valups Tivit)

Posted on March 3, 2011

The Drifta seems to be a rebadged (and modified?) Valups Tivit.  More info on the Tivit is here including the technical specs, which are all pretty much the same as the Drifta. The device even looks the same.

The Tivit has software for the devices below (mmm sounds familiar):

  • Phone / iPod Touch
  • Nokia N81/N95/N96/N97/E72/E75/E90
  • Blackberry Curve/Bold
  • PC

Sadly the software doesn’t seem to work with the Drifta, see this posting on mybroadband : “Can’t get this software to work“.

The software can be downloaded here :


Some other titbits about the tivit:

  • The app is called ‘Tivit Mobile TV Viewer for DVB-H’, although it actually uses the US mobile DTV standard and not DVB-H (Digital Video Broadcasting-Handheld), the standard used in Europe, Arland said.
  • The Tivit can only send video to one Wi-Fi device at a time, though it could be adapted to serve multiple devices in the future, Arland said.
  • It includes a slot for a micro-SD card, which could be used to give a consumer access to subscription-based programming.

Extract from interview with David Arland, a spokesman for the OMVC and Valups.

Update :

Just had a look inside the update ROM for the Drifta and noticed :

  • The first string in the ROM is “Tivit(DVB-H) 2.1.183 2010/11/30-14:53:58″
Update 2 :
Seems the Tivit is a free to air decoder whereas the DVB-H system has to deal with encryption so the original Tivit is not exactly the same as the Drifta.

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