Troubleshooting QZOOM and Zoomit etc

Posted on August 8, 2011

A number of people are having problems using the magnifier software.

I am using a combination of QZOOM and ZoomIt.

What I have found out :

Windows 7

With Windows 7, just press Windows key and + to zoom in and Windows key and – to zoom out. No special software needed. Took me a while to figure this out after messing around with all this other software. Duh.


ZoomIt needs at least Windows Vista for the live view to work. There are also some aero/windows advanced settings that need to be active (which are by default). Take a look here if you are having problems.

” He tried minimize the resources used by the sytem by going into “advanced system settings”, selecting the “Advanced” tab, select “Visual effects”, and selecting “Adjust for best performance”. I did the same thing on my Vista Business 64 computer, but this disables Aero and many of Vista appearance functions and makes it look more like XP. One of these Vista functions was disabled which I guess is needed for LiveZoom. Once I changed the setting to “Let Windows choose what is best for my computer”, LiveZoom started working! ” SysInternals Forum : Source.


QZOOM seems to work just fine on my laptop (single display). 32 Bit Windows 7. QZOOM doesn’t work on my desktop (two displays), 64 Bit Windows 7. ZoomIt live view works just fine on this setup. On the desktop, as soon as I press the shortcut the screen which has the pointer goes black, the other screen stays visible. Move the mouse across and the other screen goes black and the original comes back live.

QZoom seems to work better using keyboard shortcuts to do the zooming. I also set mine to a minimum and maximum of 4X zoom. Just press the shortcut key to do the zoom and centre the picture.


(will add more here over the weekend. Please share and info and insights you may have)

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