Where are the Drifta preferences stored and what is stored?

Posted on July 7, 2011

The preferences are stored in a preferences.xml file, in c:/users/username/AppData/Roaming/DStv/DStv Mobile Decoder/Settings,  as follows :

  <PanelSideStatus>0</PanelSideStatus>        Channel indicator panel active (or not)
  <STH4003571>0</STH4003571>                  Unknown
  <TUNER_CHINDEX>6</TUNER_CHINDEX>            Active Channel
  <FramePositionX>-5</FramePositionX>         Position (X) of the window
  <FramePositionY>-5</FramePositionY>         Position (Y) of the window
  <ContentWidth>344</ContentWidth>            Width of the window
  <ContentHeight>359</ContentHeight>          Height of the window

Check out your preferences file and let me know if you come across anything different.

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