Why is Drifta client 1.3.1 taking so long to get a full screen patch?

Posted on July 7, 2011

I am no expert on the subject, however, the new version of the client software (since 1.2) has been obfuscated (or encrypted) and it also checks to see if any system debuggers are running (such as Softice). If it detects any the application then aborts with an error. I am sure an expert in this field will be work around these challenges, it does however remove less experience hackers from the equation. If you know someone with the necessary skills, ask nicely and then please share the results :)

It seems Skype also employs similar anti-debugger methods, and a method exists here : http://gcasiez.pagesperso-orange.fr/ using a in-process loader which loads the process, suspends it, patches it, then sets it running again. A similar method may well work for the Drifta client. Someone with a dev environment want to give it a go ? mail me.

It has been done : Read more here : http://j-j.co.za/2012/05/resizer-for-dstv-drifta-windows-client-1-3-15/

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