Why is the channel selection so poor?

Posted on March 3, 2011

This seems to be quite a contentious issue. Some people like the selection, others don’t.

The channel selection is aimed at people on the move. 5 (half) of the current channels are sports channels, great for those who don’t want to miss the game when they are on the move. In the DSTV forums it is claimed the channel selection is based on “wide market research”. The forum members think it has more to do with DSTV wanting to keep the costs low for the licensing of the channels, hence no decent movie or entertainment channels. To be honest, the quality (low resolution) doesn’t really justify watching a movie on this. I would however like an additional news channel, though etv news is quite decent.

With effect from 1st April a few changes are in store. Supersport 6 is dropped (was always only temporary for the world cup) and CNNi, E!Entertainment and Sony Max are added. This does give more balance to the lineup.

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