Windows drifta device driver won’t load

Posted on April 4, 2011

Tried to install the Windows Drifta software on a new Windows 7 Professional 64 bit machine, the software installed fine but when the Drifta was plugged in it said device driver could not be found. Tried to do a “repair install but this did not help.

Solution :

  • Downloaded and install 7-zip (Winzip or any other zipping / unzipping tools will work)
  • Extracted the archived files ¬†from the “Dstv Mobile Decoder” windows installer file to¬†folder Dstv Mobile Decoder
  • Opened the newly created folder Dstv Mobile Decoder
  • Ran infcopy.exe
  • Allowed the install of unsigned drivers when prompted
  • Unplug (if its plugged in) and replug in the Drifta
  • The device driver should now load

Problem solved.

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