The future or just another twitter wannabe?

Posted on October 13, 2012

Back on 2nd September, after having heard about it on twitter and in tech circles, I finally got around to signing up for I had briefly checked it out before, but given the $50/year fee hadn’t bothered. Is time around I decided that I wanted my @jjza handle on and that the $50 wasn’t that much of an investment to reserve the name. Since then the price has fallen to a more reasonable $36 and early adopters given an extension to their original subscription period. is still very much under development and after signing up I didn’t really use it much. Then along came Netbot, a rehashed twitter client specifically for and iOS / iPad and its pretty darn slick. So now I have started using a bit more.

There are still not a lot of users on board, although the numbers are increasing rapidly. At the time I signed up there were around 20 000, I’m not sure of the latest count. This low user base was even more apparent when I had Netbot search my twitter follower list and give me the option of following them on The results were disappointing but at the same time it was good to see a few familiar faces like Erik Hersman, Paul Jacobson and Steven Fry on there. is still evolving, new features are being added all the time, and Netbot is a really slick client, I like the 256 character limit rather than the 140 of twitter, though honestly can’t tell you if there are any real benefits. I guess that will be figured out as we to along and for now I will cross post stuff between and twitter until a critical mass of followers emerges.

If you make it over that side, follow me :

Please share your thoughts on the new platform.


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