Working with CSV files on the Bold 9900

Posted on October 13, 2012

Recently with the implementation of a Security Information and Event Monitoring (SIEM) tool in our organisation I have started receiving a number automated reports on a daily basis. A number of these are useful to me as Key Performance Indicators of security status of the organisation.

When these arrive on my Blackberry I need a way of having a quick look to see if there are any immediate problems to deal with. Unfortunately my Blackberry 9900 running OS 7.1 with the full Documents to Go still can’t open CSV files.

Enter CSV Table Pro.

This is a basic little tool. It let’s you create, view or work with CSV files. While it is a little rough around the edges it is cheaply priced and achieves the desired outcome.

Once installed you can click directly on the CSV from your mail, it will download and then the application will spawn. I found that it then tends to switch immediately back to the mail application and I had to manually switch to CSV Table Pro using Alt Backarrow.
Problem solved. Enjoy

(I had wanted to add a screenshot but my Blackberry security policy prevents screenshots)

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