Google acquisition trail Feb 2001 – Aug 2010 #in

Posted on August 26, 2010

This is a rather impressive info graphic put together by laying out the timeline of Google acquisitions from Feb 2001 to current. Take a look through, a walk down memory lane :)

The acquisitions are categorised (left to right) according to the revenue intent behind the acquisition, into either revenue growth, competition reduction, or a bit of both.

The inner circle is a colour coded pie chart reflecting whether the key asset obtained through the acquisition was People (yellow), Market (red) or Technology (blue).

The sizes of the outer circles also shows the relative size of the acquisitions. The relative sizes don’t take into account the size of Google at the time of the acquisition nor inflation so take care before reading too much into these sizes.

The list is quite comprehensive although it is not believed to be complete, the author has indicated the graphic will be updated to reflect corrections.

Click through to see the full infographic (It is extremely long so isn’t included here on the front page).

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