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Posted on August 25, 2010

One of the key challenges of IT governance is how to break it up and make it understandable and implementable for small businesses. Cost/benefit is always a key challenge and unless there is a practical sensible way that adds value to the business then IT governance is not going to work in small business.

ISACA have released a nicely put together article in their J-Online section of the website. Small Business IT Governance Implementation  by Janeane Leyer and Katelyn Quigley provides useful practical advice on how to implement. In doing so the article provides three key questions in a simple framework and discusses six critical success factors for the implementation.


The largest risks to businesses today are failure to align information technology to real business needs and failure to use information technology to create value for the business. Effectively managed IT can provide small businesses with a competitive advantage, whereas ineffective management can impair the business as a whole. With recent increases in demand for cost reduction, the need for small businesses to actively manage their IT resources has never been greater.

This article will provide an overview of IT governance, discuss the benefits to small businesses, suggest a framework for implementation in small businesses and discuss critical success factors.

Download the article here.

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