It’s a new beginning

Posted on April 24, 2010

It took a cold (well for Durban) miserable autumnish first day of the long weekend to finally get motivated to get this site back up and running again. After going through the process of changing ISPs a few times in short succession I finally have a new home (thanks and things are back up and running again.

The content from the old site is backed up on my old PC (which now won’t boot – duh) so it is time to start afresh. When I eventually get around to recovering the data from the old PC I will bring anything useful across.

The most accessed part of the old site was the Oracle default passwords list, linked from Pete Finnigan’s security site ( so I have uploaded it. You can grab it on  :   Oracle password list

Now to find a theme I like (that is usable from mobile devices and blackberry).

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