Following the #Afcon2013 players on Twitter (#CAN2013)

Posted on January 19, 2013

I spent some time today capturing the Afcon 2013 player list (23 players from each of the 16 teams) and then trying to locate their Twitter accounts. A somewhat arduous task and one that is less than accurate. None the less, it is complete and available for you to follow the players quite easily.

In all 85 players were added to the list : the majority of which are players, with some support accounts added. I have not added the official accounts of each of the team, although have collected some. Will consider adding when see what is coming up on the Tweet feed.  (This number will increase as I find more players, and I may not update the post, so don’t be surprised to find these don’t tally over time).

The position is summarised by country below. The top three by Rank are :

  1. South Africa
  2. Ivory Coast
  3. Algeria & Nigeria (tied)

Full list provided below.

Please click-through to the link. Mail me on afcon (at) if you find additional players I have missed, or recommend any amendments  I have tried to ignore spoof accounts and fake accounts, but cannot be sure I have got it all right.

Enjoy the #Afcon2013. And best of luck to Bafana. May things improve after tonight’s rather dismal game.

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Follow our Springbok World Cup players on Twitter

Posted on August 30, 2011

I tried to find as many of our Springbok world cup 2011 players and coaching staff on Twitter as possible. So far 13 players, 2 coaching staff, SA Rugby and Springbok Supporters club.  If I have missed any please mail me or send me a message on Twitter. 

I added them to a list available here:!/jjza/worldcupbokke2011

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