Checking a sample of South African ID Numbers in Excel

Posted on March 11, 2015

All South African Identity numbers have built in validation digits. The formula to check these isn’t a secret. This afternoon I needed to check a list of ID numbers to ensure they were all valid and was most grateful to Robert MacLean (and Riaan Pretorius) for their work in putting together (and sharing) an excel sheet which can validate the numbers. Just copy and paste in your sample.

Find a copy of this useful spreadsheet here : ID Number checker

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What are the differences between the iPad 2 and new iPad (for a South African)?

Posted on June 23, 2012

A previous post of mine comparing the iPad and iPad 2 proved to be one of the most visited on the site with over 3500 people reading it. Since the new iPad  (aka iPad 3) has been out for a little while now it made sense to do a follow-up.

When it was announced a big deal was made about the screen, and what an amazing screen it is. However that is not the only difference between the devices. As a very happy iPad 2 wi-fi+3G user I wasn’t going to upgrade, and kept telling myself I didn’t need to as there weren’t really any real differences. The chance came along to get a new iPad at a great price and I took it. Looking back, I didn’t realise all the difference between the two.

Below I explore many of those differences – component by component. Take a look at the bottom of the post for a line by line factual comparison to support the opinions presented. The information (in the table)  is sourced from a number of websites. Source list with links below the table.

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