Keeping up with the local deals – bring on “Today’s Deals”

Posted on April 02, 2011

There are now a number of collective buying sites (in the vein of Groupon) that are operating in South Africa. You can get some really good deals from them and I have bought quite a number of things from them over the last 3 months or so, ranging from dinners, sailing cruises, Blo-kart racing through to massages and other pamper sessions (yeah those were for the girlfriend, mostly :)

Originally there was just Wicount and Twangoo (now bought by Groupon) that were of interest and doing good deals, but now there are more competitors in the space all providing good deals (across multiple cities) I am finding my email inbox is getting flooded and it is a pain to try and keep up with all the deal, and it is really easy to miss the good ones.

Bring on “Today’s Deals – all the deals in one place” recently started by Eve Dmochowska. This great site monitors the other deal sites for you and acts as a central hub to monitor them all. So far it includes:

The only one that I watch that’s not on the list is Twangoo ( though with the takeover by Groupon it seems to have a lot of deals in common with MyCityDeal. Still worth watching that one by itself for now.

These deal sites now cover Johannesburg, Pretoria, Capetown, Durban and National Deals so there is something for everybody.

Add this site, Todays deals, to your daily watch list, subscribe by email or use the RSS feed and enjoy the bargains. Thanks for the great service Eve.

P.S. I have bought from Wicount, Twangoo and Zappon. All work very well, other than a few minor niggles. Zappon is the newsest on the block of those 3 and had the most problems, but their user support team was quick to resolve my issues in a friendly and efficient manner.

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