Extra (temporary) channel on DSTV Mobile – Supersport 6

Posted on March 09, 2011

I just noticed that DSTV Mobile now has an extra channel – Supersport 6. Not sure how long it’s been there. Googled it and found this explanation on the DSTV Mobile forums :

“the licence issued makes provision for 9 channels for DStv Mobile and 6 channels for e.mobile (by etv). Currently DStv Mobile has 7 channels available and e.mobile has 2. The additional channel you can view (SS6) takes the channels on DStv Mobile up to 8. SS6 is merely an overflow channel for the duration of the Cricket World Cup (CWC). This is to ensure that our subscribers are able to watch all CWC games.” – thanks for the explanation MC Maiyo.

Nice of DSTV to give us the bonus channel, hopefully they leave it on until they need the channel for something else. I wonder if any more will be added when the subscription kicks in at the end of the month?

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