Don’t get your hopes up, your mobile device probably won’t be supported by Drifta anyway

Posted on June 23, 2011

A lot of people having been waiting in (vain) hope of being able to watch DSTV on their mobile phones (other than iPhones). Information and updates on progress on getting the promised clients for Nokia, Blackberry and Android has varied between slow and non-existent. The “promises” of 1 April 2011, 30 May 2011, Early 2011 etc have all been broken and no new real information or deadlines provided.

A user by the name of “eel” posted on the 13th June on the forum (link here) : (slightly edited)

  • There is an Android client in the works (no timeline yet)
  • There is a blackberry client in the works ( no time line yet)
  • There is a Nokia S60 version in the works (sooner than the other 2, but will only be ready when the coding is done).┬áThis version will utilise the Drifta with wifi support but the CPU needs to be above 700mhz.

I don’t know who “eel” is or how reliable his information is. However, if it is true, then it will come as a shock to many Nokia users, myself included. Very few Nokia’s run at a speed of 700mhz or above. In fact, I am not sure that ANY released before the Drifta itself was released in fact run at that speed.

The Nokia E71 runs at 381Mhz, the N95 at 330Mhz, the E72 runs at 600Mhz, N97 runs at 434Mhz. So speed requirement is true, then only Nokia S60 phones released in late 2010/2011 like the N8 and E7 (only 680Mhz) may well work with the Drifta.

So I don’t hold out much hope then as my E71 is well below the requirement. Wish they had just told me this long ago.

This also makes me worry about which Blackberry Devices will be compatible with the Drifta. ┬áThe 8520 runs as 512Mhz, as does the 8900. The 9700,9780 and Torch all runs at 624Mhz. Maybe they will just be able to squeeze this to work? Still, most people have the 8520 so this doesn’t look promising.

A lot of the current Android devices run at 1Ghz or more, so it is far more likely that Android users will have a happier experience if the client gets released for them.

I wish DSTV would just come out and say what is planned. The waiting sucks when after the wait you still probably won’t be able to use the device you want when the clients eventually get released. Maybe that is the plan after all? If you wait long enough the devices people have will have caught up with the specifications you actually require but never told them? Too much conspiracy theory in there, but don’t say I never said it.


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