How can I improve my signal?

Posted on March 3, 2011

1. Get a Drifta and get it activated

2. Install Software & Update via internet on you notebook. Use USB connection.

3. Buy a cheap outdoor TV antenna. I bought an antenna at a Chinese Shop – it looks like a death-ray device. It even has a remote control and built in booster, It cost R160. Install it on your roof to point in the direction of your regular Sentech TV transmission tower.

4. Get a FM wire antenna (Co-ax) and plug it into this antennae socket. Strip the wire and connect it to the telescopic antenna of the Drifta.

5. Switch on the power switch of Drifta and the the (cheap Chinese) outdoor antenna.

6. Start the drifta software on your notebook – make sure that devices and everything is recognised properly. The drifta software should display TV after it found the signal. Use your antenna remote control to rotate until a signal is found if it’s not working.

Others on the thread indicated you can use most putdoor antennas, or even just place the Drifta antenna against a metal item (such as a fan cover). When connecting the antenna, use the copper braiding (mesh) and not the central core.

(Thanks to JohanB for the original posting and others for their comments – see his posting and other discussion here : )

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