Cancelling a Vodacom contract due to poor signal

Posted on July 7, 2011

In my searching around trying to find out how people are faring with the CPA and getting the cell providers to commit to their obligations under CPA I came across this interesting post in the BlackBerry Forums ( located here.

This applies where you have a genuine case of not being able to get signal in a key location where you need to use the phone/device. It is going to take effort and perseverance on your part, so don’t bother if it isn’t that important to you.  Thanks to Raggie007 for the tips below :

  1. When ever you have signal issues log a call to the call centre 155
  2. Persevere and make sure they don’t just close the call
  3. After the fifth call about poor signal insist on a signal test, this can take up to two weeks even if they do the test the same day
  4. Be there for the test, and take note of the testers mane and cell number if you can get it
  5. Insist that you want a cancellation as by this point you will have had BAD service for 4-5 weeks
  6. Eventually they will cancel but will want the phone back or want to charge you for the phone
This post was dated BEFORE the new CPA came into effect. The CPA should make your case even stronger as you would have a device/service that is not fit for purpose. Goodluck.
Read my previous post on Cellular and CPA here.
If you have a general problem with Vodacom, try tweeting to @vodacom111, he responds quickly and gets someone to call you. Helps a lot.

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