DStv USB Drifta Unboxed

Posted on July 7, 2011

DStvs Public Relations company were kind enough to send me a USB Drifta to review. My love/hate relationship with DStv mobile is well documented on this site. I don’t hold back when they mess up, and try to be fair at other times. I am still “banned” on their DStv mobile forums. So kudos to the PR department for moving past all of that and sending through the device for review. After some delays to the courier (snow, roads closed between Jhb and Dbn) the device finally arrived. Below are the unboxing pictures. The detailed review will follow in due course (detailed review available, click here).

The couriered parcel




The parcel arrived from the courier double bagged and in a sealed envelope.





Letter and bow covered box



Inside the parcel was a personalised letter saying how the DStv mobile team would love me to try out the USB Drifta and providing instructions on whom to call to get it activated.

The box itself was tied up in cute red ribbons.





The box it arrived in The box it comes in is small and practical. Measuring about 11cm by 11cm. It isn’t too over the top in design or style, not quite as sparse, crisp and elegant as Apple designed material but clean design and looks good. It is similar dimensions to the original Drifta box, but about a third of the depth. The size really is dictated by the contents.




Below are pictures of the box taken from all angles so you can see all of the information provided.

The box from all angles (collage)


First glimpse of the device


When you open the box you are immediately presented with the USB Drifta, nicely protected by a cardboard inlay and covered in a little plastic sleeve.


Under the red insert are all the extras.







The extras


So inside the box when all is removed we have the four items :

1. Quick Start guide

2. USB extension cable

3. Installation CD

4. The USB Drifta Device




USB Drifta


The USB Drifta itself is nice and small. Measuring just 8cm long and about 2cm wide. It is a bit chunkier than a memory stick, but still rather cute.


That’s it for the unboxing. Look forward to the review which should come within the next few days.








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5 Responses

  1. mwanyota:

    i live in Kenya, is the network for the device countrywide? if i want to subscribe to the service how much will be the monthly rate?

    05.03.2012 12:23 Reply

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    […] late last week due to the crazy snowy weather between Durban and Johannesburg and I captured the unboxing here. This really gives you and idea of what is included in the package and how small the device really […]

    18.08.2011 09:42 Reply

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    30.07.2011 12:11 Reply

  4. Lloyd:

    All great and all but until they support:

    1. Android / Blackberry (in the wifi version)
    2. A fullscreen option
    3. Greater coverage over SA
    4. Full versions of all channels on the Drifta

    I just don’t think its a valuable option (top two are quick wins for DSTV). Its a pity DSTV have flatly ignored their customer’s needs.

    On the plus side though:

    1. Low cost of Drifta
    2. Low monthly fee (for now ;-P)

    29.07.2011 15:58 Reply

    • Justin:

      Hi Lloyd

      1. I agree with you that the lack of Android/Blackberry/Nokia support as was promise back in November to be delivered by April when the service moved out of trial is nothing short of fraudulent.
      2. I understand why the don’t do the full screen thing, licensing conditions + poor quality, the later should be a user option, if we want poor quality let us have it, we are going to use zooming software anyways. License conditions, I’m not sure about the truth of that one.
      3. The coverage across SA is also an issue with the license granted by ICASA. They need to have a viable business running before they can apply for (and pay for) additional frequencies for more areas.
      4. Full versions of channels, yeah. Those cut down ones are a waste of space. Never watch them myself, sooner they are replaced the better.

      Issue 1 related to the wifi only drifta, so doesn’t affect the USB one.
      Issues 2,3,4 need to be taken into account by anyone wanting to buy one.

      Will try and cover them all in the full review when I get it up. Thanks for the feedback.


      29.07.2011 16:05 Reply

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