Pure Speculation : New DSTV Drifta decoder to be launched? #in

Posted on June 6, 2011

Updates :


A new version of the DSTV Drifta software was released recently (1.2.11). Doing some simple sleuthing around in the install reveals some potentially very interesting news. Is a Drifta2 about to be launched?

The following were the only files updated / added in the new installer:

1.2.11 vs 1.1.0

Existing files:

  • Decoder.exe  2011/05/10 06:57      1 512KB
  • infcopy.exe    2010/12/06 02:34          79KB
  • tvnb.bin           2011/04/20 08:39    8 288KB

New files:

  • IPSetup.exe      2011/03/18 06:21         58KB
  • tvnb_usb.bin   2011/05/03 02:09    5 840KB


The really interesting bit is in the new tvnb_usb.bin file.

The tvnb_usb.bin has an interesting identification string “Drifta2(DVB-H) 2.1.277 2011/05/03-14:09:23 ”  vs the older style tvnb.bin identification string “Tivit(DVB-H) 2.1.266 2011/04/20-17:03:51”.

Is this a hint at a new Drifta decoder to come?

Share your thoughts, on or off the record.

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15 Responses

  1. Richard:

    Howzit man, looking for the full screen drifta patch, you wouldn’t know someone or somewhere I can get it from please.

    17.03.2012 17:16 Reply

    • Justin:

      Hi Richard
      There is only a patch for old versions of the software which work with old versions of the Drifta firmware. Your best bet is to use one of the zoom applications.


      17.03.2012 17:18 Reply

  2. afridi:

    M also looking for the new patch, the old one tells me that my device is not connected though it is on, is the new patch available yet? And what can I do in the mean time to inlarge my picture?I’m running xp pro 64bit

    03.11.2011 02:28 Reply

    • Justin:

      Sorry no new patch is available. Try one of the zoom program’s such as Zoomit or similar.


      03.11.2011 13:23 Reply

  3. dazone:

    Hey, still waiting for the dstv drifta patch for v1.3, have you found it yet ?

    29.09.2011 09:55 Reply

    • Justin:

      Sorry Dazone none forthcoming. If you are using Windows 7 press windows and + to zoom it in.

      29.09.2011 12:53 Reply

  4. As predicted, new DSTV Mobile Decoder released (USB Device) | j-j.co.za:

    […] = ‘jjza’;As predicted back on the 4th June (based on firmware contained in the last Windows 1.3 client released), DSTV Mobile have now come […]

    14.07.2011 11:33 Reply

  5. Daniel:

    please link a resize patch for the new software as soon as it is available

    03.07.2011 21:12 Reply

    • Justin:

      Will do. In the meantime try Qzoom or Zoomit.

      03.07.2011 21:22 Reply

    • peter:

      i will appreciate alot if i get a patch for 1.3.1 0r 1.2.1

      10.01.2012 10:21 Reply

      • Justin:

        Hi Peter,
        Sorry, nothing available. Use one of the zoom tools.

        11.01.2012 20:53 Reply

  6. yaccob:

    Hi Justin

    I updated my drifta to 1.3 so i realized that the picture doesnt inlarge.Then i uninstalled drifta and put the first version on but not im having problems with it.It keeps on saying not connected.Any advice on how to sort it out?

    13.06.2011 14:11 Reply

    • Justin:

      Unfortunately the upgrade installed a new firmware to the Drifta which doesn’t work with the older 1.1 client software. At this stage we can only wait until a patch is available to provide the resize option for the 1.3 client software.

      13.06.2011 14:32 Reply

  7. Chris:

    I just wanted to check if you knew about a new patch for DSTV mobile The old patch does not work on this new version.

    10.06.2011 22:08 Reply

    • Justin:

      Hi Chris
      Sadly I haven’t come across a patch for or the newly released 1.3.x. Will link to a patch as soon as I come across it.

      11.06.2011 09:17 Reply

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