Drifta for Android is here, now, ahead of the World Cup, for Galaxy S, SII and Tab P1000

Posted on September 9, 2011

DStv have delivered on the hopes of many and delivered their Android client for a small range of popular Android devices. Those lucky enough to have a Samsung Galaxy S, SII or the P1000 Tablet are going to have the pleasure of watching the World Cup on their devices. Thanks to David for the heads up this morning. David has downloaded it already and says it works beautifully.

Well done DStv Mobile!

The software is 28M in size which places it on the larger end of applications, not yet sure whether the majority of the application can be moved over to the SD card. It runs on Android 1.6 and up, which should cover all incantations of the supported devices and gives hope for many more devices being rolled out soon. As expected it will NOT run on rooted devices.

The reviews on the market place are very divided. Those who have compatible devices are giving it 4’s and 5’s, those who have devices on which it doesn’t work are pretty scathing.

The good :

  • Well done and in time for the rwc. (Kobus, 4 stars)
  • Its way over due. Lets c if it works bt heck im really happy … Its way over due. Lets c if it works bt heck im really happy that it came b4 the RWC. (Bafana, 5 stars)
  • Good app, pity it needs internet authentication to run (Corsa, 4 stars)
The so so :
  • Size .. The size of the app is huge (Danzel, 3 stars)
  • Unable to authenticate the mobile device?!?!?!? I’m using a Samsung Galaxy S 2!!!! (Danie, 3 stars)

The bad:

  • Samsung only devices… What a joke! We have waited over 6 months for this Android App only for it to be available for 3, yes, THREE Android devices. This is a complete and utter joke! (Nick, 1 star)
  • Why Samsung only? Can’t dstv do anything properly? Luckily I saw this before giving … Why Samsung only? Can’t dstv do anything properly? Luckily I saw this before giving more hard earned money to multichoice. Pathetic IMO. (Anonymous, 1 star)
  • Root .. Non rooted phones (Alru, 1 star)

I can understand the frustrations but having spoken in detail with the DStv guys, know where they are coming from too. Read some more about that over here (A most interesting hour with the DStv mobile team).

Release notes from the DSTV application on the market place : 

The DStv Mobile Decoder application allows users to watch DStv Mobiles DVB-H mobile television broadcast on certain Android phones and tablet devices using a Drifta mobile decoder.

Please note: In order to view DVB-H mobile television, this application requires an active Drifta mobile decoder in a DVB-H coverage area. For more information visithttp://apps.dstvmobile.com/decoder.

Supported Devices:
Samsung Galaxy S (GT-I9000)
Samsung Galaxy Tab (GT-P1000)
Samsung Galaxy S II (GT-I9100)

The application does not run on rooted devices.

Link to it here on the Android store : https://market.android.com/details?id=com.valups.tivit.app.finaldstv&feature=search_result


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10 Responses

  1. cyber7:

    Most interesting.
    I have a HTC HD2, Installed Android on it and used your guide to change it from a HD2 to a Desire HD, UNRooted it and installed DSTVMOBILE. It worked like a charm.

    If you allow me, I will be posting the full installation steps to get from WM6.5 to Android (Stable) on my blog:


    28.09.2011 15:01 Reply

    • Justin:

      Hi cyber7
      Thanks for sharing your experiences, glad you got it working and more than happy to link to your blog for those interested.

      28.09.2011 18:03 Reply

  2. vanessa:

    hey!!!! i want to use the drifter on my mac while I work WHY the hell does it not work.
    Are developers STILL DUMB ASS and not making their software for ALL platforms?

    urgent I need the app. the world cup has already started

    15.09.2011 08:41 Reply

    • Justin:

      Sadly DStv haven’t released the Mac OsX version yet. Saw a tweet today saying would be soon. Hope it is real soon now.

      15.09.2011 20:30 Reply

  3. SuperDroid:

    Thanks Justin.
    The Hotfile download has been removed. Anyone have another copy to send to me or know where I can download it? Need toi get my Galaxy S2 working with the Drifta.

    13.09.2011 13:33 Reply

    • Justin:

      If I come across a replacement link I will update it. Hopefully that will be soon.

      13.09.2011 16:28 Reply

  4. SuperDroid:

    This software is only working on my Galaxy Tab P1000. I also have a Galaxy S2 and the mobile software is not working on this device. Can find it on the Android market with the Tab, but cannot find it on the Market with the S2. Even on the Market website it says that the software is compatible with the S1, S2 and Tab, but when trying to download the app, it says that the S2 is not compatible. WTF?

    07.09.2011 09:16 Reply

    • Justin:

      Hi Superdroid, check the alternate download link (to a version not hosted on the Android store) I have listed in the faq (j-j.co.za/gofaq) see if that version downloads and installs. Please feedback progress. Thanks.

      07.09.2011 12:01 Reply

  5. Danie:

    I know for a fact that the DSTV team have also been working for many months on an Android app for their TV schedules but still no sign of it. There was a 3rd party developer that already had such a working app in the Market but he apparently withdrew it because DSTV was about to launch their own app…..

    06.09.2011 10:52 Reply

  6. A (most interesting) hour with the DStv Mobile team | j-j.co.za:

    […] : The Android version has now been released, read more here Share […]

    06.09.2011 09:17 Reply

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