Guest review : Using the Nokia DVB-H adapter with the E7

Posted on September 9, 2011

Johan posted this fairly lengthy comment in response to my post “A most interesting hour with DStv mobile team” . It makes good reading and deserves better exposure than languishing within the comments, so with his permission, a mostly unedited version is presented below. I have included a few of my own comments (all italicised). 

I am using the Nokia DVB-H adapter with my Nokia E7 and must say I am really happy just carrying 1 device with the benefit of “using” Internet on the device (when you switch to the mobile TV app it does stop, but downloads are not interrupted in the background when watching DSTV). For all Nokia’s “faults”, true multitasking and excellent hardware have kept me on the platform. My N900 did unfortunately pack up, but the E7 has been a worthy replacement (for me at least).

The wifi drifta is however a more “versatile” device. It can now be used with PC, iOS, “Android” (currently 6 devices) and hopefully soon OSX (although the Drifta allows only one device to connect at a time).

In terms of the Nokia Mobile TV software it does have some benefits over the Drifta software. A really nice feature is the REMINDERS functionality (only for the next 18 hours for which the EPG is displayed for). Once set, the reminder pops up even if you do not have the dvb-h headset connected. 1 click and you can watch the program (once you connect the headset).

My main gripes are (mostly Nokia specific – I don’t have a Drifta)

  1. The E7 can only be charged via USB, but the dvb-h adaptor takes that spot – so you can’t charge and watch at the same time. But I have watched about 4.5 hours on a full charge. The older N8 can be used for longer (has older charger plug allowing charge and view) but the “pop-up” screen of the E7 does make it easier to view…
  2. You HAVE to “subscribe” via 3G / Wifi EVERY month (only takes 5 mins, but it is a pain)
  3. SuperSport 4 just would NOT want to work. Says loading but nothing. Lots of fiddling and then SS4 now working (after resetting Mobile TV from within the app). It then re-scans for channels. You have to then “purchase” again, but it remembers that you already have a subscription and within a minute you can watch the channels again.
  4. Could for the life of me not get it to work in Strand, Stellenbosch, Blauwberg, SomersetWest end last month. Just kept saying no signal… But when I landed back in Gauteng worked instantly… (Coverage across the broader Western Cape does seem a bit spotty. This is reflected on the DStv Mobile coverage map on their site.)

But overall I think it is a great service (yes “better” channels would be nice, but for R36 per month you get SS1 and SS2 “always” with you.

Thanks Johan. Great to get some insight into other options. You certainly seem to be getting a better battery life than what I get with my wifi Drifta, or my HTC Desire. And between them they have two batteries (which both have to be charged). The reminders feature is one that is sorely missing from the Drifta.

 The all in one option of the E7 with headset seems like a great alternate, especially if you have a compatible cell phone. 


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4 Responses

  1. Wiseman:

    Please can anybody assist , i bought a Nokia E7 and Dstv handset but i don’t know how to set up the DSTV Channels .

    28.06.2012 16:05 Reply

  2. mpaya:


    04.11.2011 14:06 Reply

  3. Justin:

    Thanks for the additional update. My Nokia connection (old E71) was also giving trouble not so long ago, Vodacom quickly replaced the bottom panel of the phone and resolved the matter. It is a pain if they wear out quickly but nothing is worse than not being able to charge the darn thing, as I am sure you are well aware. Thanks again for the input. J

    15.09.2011 00:26 Reply

  4. Johan:

    Thanx Justin. Just an update. After resetting the mobile TV app (within the app) it did scan for all the channels. Asked me to “subscribe” again, but kept my current subscription “expiring” the 14th of September.

    Now SuperSport 4 is working (seems to be in widescreen though but looks stretched). Wish more channels would show proper widescreen though…

    Unfortunately like with most Nokia phones it seems the microUSB connection is beginning to give problems (not so much the DVB-H adaptor) for charging and connecting. Every now and then …. Seems the N900 issues are still around (or jut my luck)


    11.09.2011 17:58 Reply

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